Ron Russ, CDP
RLRA, Inc.
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Alvarado Texas 76009

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RLRA provides extensive support services related to computer litigation. Research, analysis, reports, and testimony as an Expert Witness are available. Experience in cases involving both Plaintiff and Respondent. Extensive courtroom (federal, state, local) and deposition experience. Certified. Degreed. No geographical limitations.


Selected areas of expertise {information systems/data processing}:



              General computer litigation support, civil and criminal, 50+ cases    

              Internet design, emails, pornography and related activities

              Data recovery and analysis for IBM mid-range and micro platforms

              Project management, review, implementation and evaluation

              Software review, selection, analysis, evaluation and implementation

              Network review, analysis and evaluation

              Personnel interview, selection and evaluation

              Equipment/software appraisals and valuations

              Contract interpretation, analysis, and interpretation

              Preparation of reports to support testimony inall areas of expertise

              Extensive experience in deposition and trial testimony




Select case subject areas:



               Breach of Contract - Software

               Breach of Contract - Hardware

               Breach of Contract - Appraisals

               Insurance Claims - Appraisals

               Real Estate Contract Forgery

               Employment Agreement Forgery

               Wrongful Termination

               Racial Discrimination - Housing

               Software Non-performance

               Hardware Non-performance

               Industry Practices - Reseller Fees and Commissions

               Intellectual Property - Theft

               Intellectual Property - Non-compete

               Intellectual Property - Copyright Infringement

               Industry Practices - Software Development

               Document / Data Recovery

               Interstate Transportation and Resale of Stolen Property

               Internet - Pornography

               Internet - Emails, Downloads, Access

               Internet - Website Hosting and Development


               Internet - Transmission - DSL


               Tampering with Evidence