What Does Bump Mean on Facebook? And How to Use It (2024)

Did you recently see the term, “Bump” on Facebook?

Maybe you’re scrolling through a Facebook group and you saw it in the comment section of a post.

Or maybe you saw it in the Facebook marketplace.

If you did, you might be wondering what the term means, and why do people comment it.

You might be also wondering why the comment section of some posts contain the term, “Bump” but others do not.

In this article, you’ll learn the definition of bump on Facebook, how to use it, and more.

By the end of the article, you should be able to know how to utilize the term for your own.

What Does Bump Mean on Facebook?

What Does Bump Mean on Facebook? And How to Use It (1)

People comment Bump to move their post to the top of the “New activity” feed in a Facebook group.

Bump is used in the comment section of a post to move it to the top of the “New activity” feed.

The term is commonly used in forums, but it’s also quite popular in Facebook groups.

Bump is a common term used in forums to get a post to the top of a community/group/category.

The term is also very popular on the Facebook groups.

In order to visualize what the term means, you have to understand how the news feed’s algorithm works.

Here’s a quick explanation for it.

A Facebook post that is posted a while ago will appear at the bottom of the news feed.

If a Facebook group is very popular, there will be many posts in one day.

So if you were to post something in a popular group, your posts will be buried at the bottom of the group really quickly.

This is due to the sheer number of posts in it.

As such, if you want to get your post to the top of the group again, you’ll need to comment something on it.

That’s where the term “Bump” comes into play.

The term is used to tell people that you’re still actively looking for something (e.g. responses).

It also makes it easy for you to boost your post without the need to write a random comment.

What is story bumping on Facebook?

What Does Bump Mean on Facebook? And How to Use It (2)

Story bumping is a term derived from the algorithm update on August 7th, 2013.

Story bumping is the change in Facebook’s algorithm update that allows older posts to be moved to the top of your News Feed based on several factors (e.g. how likely you’re going to interact with it).

Stories = Facebook Posts

In Facebook, stories = posts.

Facebook has a ton of stories (e.g. photos, videos) on a daily basis.

If you have a lot of friends or follow a lot of groups, there’ll be a lot of stories on your news feed daily.

Due to this, you might miss a lot of posts on your news feed because you may not have sufficient time to view them all.

In the August 7th update, Facebook has revamped the News Feed’s algorithm.

According to their data, users only view 57% of stories in their news feed.

This means that they didn’t scroll far enough to view the other 43%.

Prior to rolling out the algorithm update, Facebook did a test and found out that it increased engagement rates by 5% from friends and 8% from pages.

With the update, stories will be automatically “bumped” by Facebook depending on different factors such as its engagement and your interactions.

This is similar to how Instagram’s feed works in the present where the posts that you’re most likely to interact with are shown first.

As such, older posts from others can now be moved at the top of your feed even if the original poster didn’t make any changes.

How to use bump on Facebook

What Does Bump Mean on Facebook? And How to Use It (3)

To use bump on Facebook, simply comment “bump” on your post.

Comment “bump” under a post that you want to move to the top of the “New activity” feed.

For example, if you hope to receive more responses from a post, you can comment “bump” on it to boost it and prompt responses.

By commenting “bump”, your post will be moved to the top of the news feed under “New activity”.

Do note that this doesn’t work for regular news feeds—it only works for Facebook groups.

Facebook has three different tabs to sort your feed—top posts, new activity, and recent posts.

“Top posts” will sort posts that received the most engagement first.

On the other hand, “New activity” will sort posts based on new comments.

Lastly, “Recent posts” will show posts that are just posted first.

Since “New activity” sorts posts that have new comments, commenting on a post will move it to the top of it.

So, if you want to move your post to the top, you can comment something on it.

People who’ve sorted their feed by “New activity” will see your post first.

Does bump work on Facebook?

What Does Bump Mean on Facebook? And How to Use It (4)

Yes, bump works on Facebook.

When you comment “bump” on a post in a Facebook group, it will be moved to the top of the “New Activity” feed.

Commenting “bump” on a post in a Facebook group will move it to the top of the “New Activity” feed.

For example, if someone sorted their feed to “New Activity”, they’ll see your post first if you just commented on it.

However, this doesn’t work for regular news feeds.

This is because your regular news feed is ranked algorithmically by Facebook.

In addition, there is no way to sort your news feed unlike posts in a Facebook group.

This is similar to Instagram’s feed where your feed isn’t sorted chronologically, but based on several factors (e.g. engagement).

So, if you want to rank your posts higher in someone’s feed, you need to make sure that the post gets a lot of engagement within a short period of time.

On the other hand, in a Facebook group, you can sort posts either by top posts, new activity, or recent posts.

When you sort posts as “New activity” the posts that have new comments will be shown at the top of your feed.

In other words, if you were to comment something on a post, it’ll move to the top of the “New activity” feed.

However, do note that it won’t be moved at the top of the “Top posts” or the “Recent posts” feed—those are two different categories.

Most people sort their feed by “New activity”, so you don’t have to worry too much about not getting any engagement.

Hence, if you want to move your post to the top of a Facebook group, you can comment “bump” on it.

How do I bump my post on the Facebook marketplace?

What Does Bump Mean on Facebook? And How to Use It (5)

Bumping your post on the Facebook marketplace is different than bumping a post in a Facebook group.

If you want to bump your post in a Facebook group, you just have to comment on it.

That will move your post at the top of the “New activity” feed.

However, if you want to bump your post on the Facebook marketplace, you have to renew it in order to move it at the top of the list.

Here’s how you can renew a listing on Facebook:

  1. Tap on “Your Items”.
  2. Select the listing that you want to renew.
  3. Tap on “Manage”.
  4. On the menu, tap on “Renew in Marketplace” to renew your listing.

Renewing your listing essentially acts as a bump that moves your item at the top of the list.

So if you have recently changed the price of the item or you want to bump it, you can renew it.

Do note that you can only renew your listing up to 5 times.


If you want to get more engagement (e.g. comments) on a particular post in a Facebook group, bumping it is important.

It tells people that your post is still active and that you’re actively seeking for something, either a response or more engagement.

Otherwise, your posts will be buried in other people’s feeds if the group that you’re in is very active.

For Facebook posts, you can simply comment “Bump” to move the post at the top of the “New activity” feed.

On the other hand, if you want to move your listing to the top of the marketplace, you need to renew it instead.

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What Does Bump Mean on Facebook? And How to Use It (2024)


What Does Bump Mean on Facebook? And How to Use It? ›

Bumping a message can help remind others of something previously sent in a chat. You can bump your own or someone else's previous message to resurface it to the top of a chat, among the most recent messages. Similar to other messages, people in the chat will receive notifications for bumped messages.

Why do people reply bump on Facebook? ›

What Does BUMP Mean? Most specifically, BUMP means to “Bring Up My Post.” Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere else where comments exist online, you might see someone posting the term and nothing else. Typically, this is followed by others posting the same, single word.

Does commenting bump on Facebook work? ›

Bumping a post with a comment can be helpful for a variety of reasons. There may be a particularly important post you or a friend has posted that you want as many people to see as possible. Once initial activity has died down on the post, bumping it up can get more eyes on it.

Why do people put bump in the comments? ›

The word 'bump' is actually an acronym for the phrase 'bring up my post'. It is used when a specific post has to be boosted enough for it to appear on top of the required page/feed.

How do you politely bump a message? ›

When in doubt, assume positive intent. Phrases like, "Just wanted to bump this email to the top of your inbox," or "Wanted to touch base on this," quietly acknowledge your prospect is busy and might just need a gentle nudge to get the ball rolling again.

What is the meaning of the word bump? ›

transitive verb. 1. : to strike or knock with force or violence. 2. : to collide with.

How do you get a post bumped on Facebook? ›

Increasing the number of likes, comments, and follows on a Facebook group post is all part of the process of “bumping” a post.

What does F mean on Facebook? ›

So, what does it mean when someone types F in a Facebook group? It merely means they want to remain notified for further posts in a particular thread or they want to follow the discussion by members. Mumsgather. New Social Media, Technology And Apps.

Does editing a Facebook post bump it up? ›

According to Facebook's algorithm, when a post is edited, it is treated as a new post, which means that it will have to go through the same process of gaining reach as any other new post. This means that if you edit a post after it has been posted, it will not have the same reach as it did before it was edited.

When you bump into someone what do you say? ›

Sorry!/I'm so sorry! Use this if you bumped into someone by accident.

What does bump mean on Facebook auction? ›

In the world of buying and selling, BUMP is an acronym that stands for “bring up my post.” Mind blown. Yep, there's a definite learning curve when it comes to buy and sell lingo—and new terms keep popping up all the time! But don't bother grabbing the dictionary because it just won't help.

What does bump into the conversation mean? ›

Bumped into person is idiomatic for meeting someone unexpectedly and can include a conversation, but the sentence would be “I bumped into Alice and Bob,” not “I bumped into their conversation.” You could say something like “I was at the next table and fell into their conversation.”

Can you Unsend FB messages? ›

Hover over the message you'd like to remove and click More, then Remove. Click Remove for You or Unsend for Everyone. Click Remove.

Should you respond to comments on Facebook ads? ›

Ignoring Comments Could Be Costing You

Marketers spend a lot of money on Facebook ads to create awareness about the brand and to bring in more engagement. All this money goes down the drain if you fail to address the comments you receive.

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