10 DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas (2024)

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10 DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas (1)Erica YoungUpdated: Feb. 15, 2024

    These creative DIY bathroom vanity projects will motivate you to give your own bathroom a fresh makeover!

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    Vintage Dresser Bathroom Vanity

    Would you believe us if we told you this mid-century DIY bathroom vanity by @holly_valdivia only cost $77? It’s true! She bought the vintage dresser used and the vessel sink at an auction. Valdivia finished the high end look for less with a modern gold faucet and matching hardware.


    Ikea Hack Bathroom Vanity

    If you don’t have the time or skills to build a bathroom vanity from scratch, start with a store-bought piece and make a few adaptations to fit your needs. That’s what @studio_xtine did with a vanity from Ikea. Originally a two-drawer design, she and her husband built only one of the drawers. They turned the excess pieces into a custom-fit floating vanity in their small powder room.


    Build A Bathroom Vanity

    Armed with woodworking knowledge and project plans from @craftedbythehunts, this bathroom vanity, built by @sodini.house, looks like a gorgeous piece from a custom home! Hard to believe it started as a pile of wood. The muted dark green color perfectly brings the piece to life (painted Jasper by Sherwin-Williams).


    Dresser Bathroom Vanity

    An antique dresser from a thrift store will cost you a lot less than a new bathroom vanity. A coat of paint (we recommend oil-based or mildew-proof latex), new hardware and a vessel sink are all you need to transform it into a distinctive vanity, like this charming example by @mimodfarmhouse.


    Double Bathroom Vanity

    Here’s another dresser-turned-vanity project, but this one features convenient double bathroom sinks. Liv Barnsley of @houseonhorizon recommends a dresser with plenty of storage. Make sure there’s enough room to fit the needed plumbing, as well as storage space for tucking away toiletries and other bathroom essentials. Looking for more? Check out these double vanity bathroom ideas.


    Painted Bathroom Vanity

    Of course, not every DIY bathroom vanity requires a jigsaw or power drill — sometimes all you need is a paint brush! This bathroom vanity by @gisele.blaker received a fresh coat of classic black paint and new gold knobs. The result is a sleek and stylish vanity, transformed in one weekend.


    Open-Shelf Bathroom Vanity

    The DIY husband and wife team Hannah and Andrew of @elleandjaydesign built this open-shelf bathroom vanity for a family member. Andrew welded the metal base, used a piece of butcher block for the top and cut the wooden slats for the shelves. Once finished, all the wood was sealed with three coats of polyurethane.

    It’s definitely an advanced project (check out their full step-by-step instructions), but if you’re looking for a satisfying challenge, it’s worth it.


    Colorful Bathroom Vanity

    Here’s another painted bathroom vanity by @kellyjalayne. The soft blue brings a welcome pop of color to the neutral bathroom.

    When painting bathroom cabinets, prep work is essential. Clean all surfaces to be painted with trisodium phosphate, or a TSP alternative, to remove grease, dirt, and product build-up like hairspray. Then use 100- or 120-grit sandpaper to scuff the surface, ensuring the new paint adheres to the wood.


    Floating Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Vanity

    Cassandra of @loletribestudios fashioned this unusual bathroom vanity with a piece of reclaimed wood found at an antique shop.

    Here’s how Cassandra described the project: “Waterproofing the wood was about a week-long process of sanding, staining and sealing repeatedly (allowing 24 hours of dry time between each coat) to ensure it was fully waterproof [and ready to withstand bathroom use.] It’s mounted to the wall with floating brackets as well as an `L’ bracket underneath for additional support.”


    Fluted Wood Bathroom Vanity

    To add texture and interest to her builder-grade bathroom vanity, @meaganmarquisliving covered the cabinet door fronts with fluted wood using this beaded molding as a shortcut. Many fluted wood projects use individual dowels, which require more cutting and measuring.

    Originally Published: October 07, 2021

    10 DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas (12)

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    10 DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas (2024)
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