What Does it Mean if a Guy Calls You a “baddie”? (2024)

“Baddie” is an informal term for a woman who has developed a bad reputation, whether or not it is actually deserved.

She is typically fashionable and oozes self-confidence.

This woman will also frequently wear clothing and apply her make-up in a way that makes her look naughty.

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Does the term “baddie” have any other meanings?

What Does it Mean if a Guy Calls You a “baddie”? (1)

Yes, many of them, in fact. Here are just a few:

  • In movies or television shows, “baddie” can be applied to the villain or criminal. It can be used to describe a woman or a man.
  • A woman on-screen or in a civilian workplace who is fierce and tough-natured. She has an overabundance of confidence and a very high opinion of herself.
  • A young girl who leans toward the wild side of life. She is usually attractive with or without make-up and sexy clothing.
  • A woman who has suffered a rough upbringing and has overcome it. Now she is usually hostile and angry, especially in front of other people.
  • A baddie elicits feelings of desire in men who see her – much to the dismay of other women.
  • A woman of any age who has a bad reputation.

What does “baddie” mean on Instagram?

On Instagram, the term is used to describe a woman who appears flawless. She dresses in accordance with the most current trends and plays up her bodily assets.

This woman may or may not give off a sexy aura to go along with her bad image; however, she always looks fantastic.

What does “baddie” imply on TikTok?

What Does it Mean if a Guy Calls You a “baddie”? (2)

On TikTok, the moniker “baddie” refers to a girl who appears independent and extremely hot to trot.

TikTok even has online game characters who represent bad girls. These games are actually quite popular with men from all walks of life.

Is “baddie” meant to be derogatory?

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It depends on who is using the term at the time. Sometimes other women will call a female a baddie with ill-will behind it.

When this happens, there is usually jealousy involved.

On the other hand, when a guy calls a girl a baddie, he can mean it as a high compliment.

He views this woman as quite attractive and as someone he wants to get to know better.

What else does it mean to be a baddie?

This term has many implications for a lot of different people, including the intended recipient of the comments. Some of them are as follows:

  • Displaying the most current trends
  • Displaying a positive attitude no matter what occurs in your life
  • Not letting bad breakups or false friends ruin your day
  • Not reacting to gossip and going out of your way to ignore it
  • Realizing your own self-worth and being comfortable with who you are
  • Not having to surround yourself with like-minded people, it is fine with you if you stand out from the crowd

What is doesn’t mean to be a baddie

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There are scores of misconceptions about someone who is called a baddie. The following will dispel some of these misconceptions:

  • It does not mean the woman is evil or a bad person. The term is targeted at her appearance, not her qualities.
  • It also does not mean she is promiscuous or loose. This girl is not “easy pickings” and possibly contrary to popular belief, will not do absolutely anything with anybody.
  • It does not mean she should not be hired for a job. It typically describes the way she looks, not her work capabilities.
  • It does not mean she doesn’t have feelings. She should never be called a baddie with the intent of insulting her. She may not let her feelings show but she does have them.

Is the term “baddie” only applicable to women?

Even though it may be more common for a woman to be called a baddie, it can apply to a man as well.

This is especially true of an on-screen character. He or she may be called a villain, a wicked person, or a baddie.

Can “baddie” apply to a group of women or men?

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Yes, except then the term is utilized in its plural form, aka baddies. The plural form can be used to describe a group of men as well as women.

Do baddies wear certain colors of clothing?

Only in Hollywood where dark-colored clothes depict a villain. In reality, the idea that a baddie only wears black is a myth. A baddie can wear any color or style of clothing.

The outfits perfect for a baddie have more to do with the style of clothes than the color.

Can you look like a baddie while on a budget?

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Yes, there are make-up suppliers and clothing lines that are less expensive. You can find these in brick-and-mortar stores or online.

It is also possible to find the perfect attire plus accessories at a thrift shop. You can spend even less money on these items with coupons or special promotional deals.

Do baddie girls speak a certain way?

Sometimes yes, to the point where she comes off as arrogant. She may have snappy comebacks to insults that are thrown her way.

Her voice may seem cold and insensitive at times. This does not mean she is cold or insensitive, just that this is how her voice sounds.

Do baddie girls make a lasting impression on guys?

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Behavioral analysts say yes to this question. Sometimes it is a deliberate effort on her part to attract men.

Other times a baddie woman does not have to put much effort into attracting guys. That comes naturally.

What kind of personalities do baddie girls have?

The answers to this question are as unique as the women themselves. They are not usually shy, but instead very confident and self-assured.

They may have a dry sense of humor and can be very witty.

Baddie girls typically have sunny and outgoing personalities. However, this does not mean that a shy girl can’t be a baddie.

Whatever her personality she will be certain to put you at ease.

Do baddie women deserve that moniker?

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It depends on the woman. Some women go out of their way to be bad and usually succeed.

Others get labeled a baddie for no good reason, just because someone else disliked them.

Do men marry baddie girls?

Quite often, yes, they do. One piece of advice is that a man who wants to marry a baddie accepts them for who they are.

He must never try to change her, or the marriage might well fail.

Does it bother a woman to be called a baddie?

What Does it Mean if a Guy Calls You a “baddie”? (9)

There are plenty of women who relish the thought of being a baddie and take it as a compliment. These women are accepting of their role in today’s society.

Is there anything else to know about these women?

Yes, these girls are badasses, they are femme fatales. A baddie is not afraid to physically fight to keep her partner if someone else tries to take them away.

Even flirting with the partner of a bad chick can lead to a physical confrontation.

And remember, these ladies have plenty of terrific qualities to go along with their baddie image. Never overlook those.

She will make your life more thrilling and be a wonderful mate or friend. Here’s to baddie girls everywhere!

What Does it Mean if a Guy Calls You a “baddie”? (2024)
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