Troubleshooting CS:GO Crashes, Freezes, and Black Screen Issues (2023)

In the realm of PC gaming, Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) stands as a pinnacle first-person shooter game, attracting a massive player base. However, the joy of gameplay is often marred by persistent crashes, freezes, and black screen issues. This comprehensive guide unveils effective solutions to rectify these problems and ensure an uninterrupted gaming experience.

CS:GO Crashes: Identifying and Resolving

CS:GO crashes can manifest in various forms, disrupting your gaming sessions. Whether encountering sudden halts at launch or during gameplay, resolving these issues demands meticulous attention. Here's a step-by-step guide to troubleshooting:

Solution 1: Turn off Compatibility Mode and Delete the Executable

  • Locate the CS:GO executable either on the Desktop or in the installation folder.
  • Delete the executable and open Steam.
  • Navigate to the Library tab, right-click on CS:GO, choose Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files.
  • Disable Compatibility Mode: Right-click on the executable, go to Properties > Compatibility, and uncheck "Run this program in compatibility mode for."

Solution 2: Tweak the CFG Folder

  • Navigate to the Steam installation folder, find the CS:GO folder, and locate the 'cfg' folder.
  • Rename the 'cfg' folder to 'cfg.old' and restart the game.


  • Open the 'cfg' folder, find "valve.rc," rename it to "valve.old.rc," and check for improvements.

Solution 3: Add Launch Options

  • Open Steam, locate CS:GO, right-click > Properties > General > Set Launch Options.
  • Add "-autoconfig" to resolve crashes. If issues persist, include "cl_disablehtmlmotd 1."

Solution 4: Disable Overclocking

  • Overclocking graphics cards can lead to instability. Revert to default settings using respective manufacturer applications.

Solution 5: Disable Steam Shared Pre-Caching

  • In Steam, go to Settings > Shader Pre-Caching, and uncheck "Enable Shader Pre-Caching."

Solution 6: Uninstall the Latest Windows Update

  • Roll back the latest Windows Update if CS:GO issues coincide with the update installation.

Solution 7: Disable Multi-Core Rendering

  • In CS:GO Video Settings, disable Multicore Rendering to troubleshoot potential conflicts.

Solution 8: Use Older NVIDIA Drivers

  • If using NVIDIA, consider reverting to the stable 390.xx drivers, as newer versions may induce crashes.

Implementing these solutions systematically can significantly mitigate CS:GO crashes, enhancing your gaming experience. Remember to adapt these steps to your specific system configuration for optimal results.

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