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over XiiLioiiHl llurik. Suggestions War Between That Country HprinR mentis tint nature Is wih'wIhk h-wlf. Why n-it renew your wenr-iik apuiirel with t.lm cuiiiliiir of East rrtliiic mid "keep time With Nature." We can make "new nimi" of yuu. Greene ar.d Gaynor Feci Safe on Canadian Soil. Out, March 13.

CoUmol John F. Gaynor, Mrs. Gaynor and Captain D. D. Greene, Gaynor's partner, are all registered at the Cliatteau Frontenac here, and enjoying themselves as they always do in Quebec, where they are frequent visitors.

They drive and walK and entertain their friends and appear to trouble themselves very little about the newspaper Mi' mi and Russia InevitaMa. EASTKR SUI FOR MEN AND BOYS MAY INVOLVE ALL OF EUROPE j. eTwebster, jf9ik.t"torne;y-.A.t- 1iwv fflceir. Court. Mouse.

(Probum JiHlne xofllitt Gaffncy City, S. C. Practices in all the courts. On) lections a a In all Ui latest shapes and colors; styles In latest shaped htirifoiit, brtehtest. mill eltiinest.

line of Men's Neckwear In the city in fact, everyt hing you need Easter war. A imitiyr tin? (J. lo itl rucple. liAFl'NKY Mil rob Mr. Editor: l'hu executive boti'ri of Tbiukety Asso-int i it was called to Concord on the lid irist.

for the ordination of M. M. Bers. The ordination did not takt place on accuint of pubic rumor. The blind preHoher, Rv.

M. If. Bow-den, of was iu Uuffney few days last week. Me Is uo, excellent preacher. He believes in clusi-licatiou, and preaches It to his color.

I think it would be best for us, aa we have too many people of our race who are on the d( n.i line, for us all to be in one el- 8 The Limestone Baptist church hits the best Sabbath scnool that fahe l.Hf had iu her history. We invite all colored boys oil of the streets ot G.itl uty to come and spend the Sabbath with us. We will surely do tin good. Small grain is not looking so well Manchuria the Bone of Contention. A nniPTOin; ii.ii I iTrn n-nrn DimiuMi ivjijhllimcii rccun.

The only exclusive Ontlilng and Gents Furnishing Store in Cherokee County. stories or Indictments. This confidence undoubtedly results from a beftef on the part Gaynor and Greene thr.l they cannot be extra-dieted for the offense charged against them to-wit, conspiracy to defraud English Authority Gays a Struggle Is Sure to Result, and Nations Are Making Preparations. Seattle, iiarch 13. Captain Dr.

C. T. LIPSCOMB. Dentist, Ofttcs over R. A.

lonim 4 Co." titon: F. H. Smith, a well known Englishman, who arrived here on the Tosa Maru from Japan, declares that war Can found i fV" 1 between that country and Russia is We have just received the follcwin; Lrauds tor men Which are the best for the nrke- soon to come, "Trouble over Russian occupa- ion of Manchuria is ta cause," Eald LONE JACK, 1.98 JEFFERSON IAN, $2.48 BANNISTER, CapUiia Smith, "and the Japanese are JR. J. F.

CARRE FT, Dentist, Gaffney, S.C. Office over J. R. TolJeson's new store In office from 1st to 26th of eaoh month yet discovered. Made of the mwi approved leatlier knowii to the tanner's art, and for fie and style tlwy are guaranteed to equal any fchw in this sectiou.

rarmirs are' beginning to fall a little lute with theii work. Mrs Giles Lipscomb and daughter have done a line lot of quilting this rioter. They havtj taken from thr frames since Xms twenty-three nice quilts. Mrs. Lipscomb has sixty-i-ine quilts and ib abundantly able to the United States government.

It is declared by lawyers here thr.t Canada soil offers a safe asylum to even proved conuslrators of this type, the offense being outside the list of crimes covered by the extradition treaty. If this contention holds, the United States government would have no recourse in its pursuit of the fugitives save an appeal to international comity. A simple request for the surrender of Indicted criminals, not extradictable, might be granted out of mere good will. Apparently, however, Messrs. Gaynor and Greene believe they have little to fear If such a request is made of the Canadian government In their case.

spoiling for a choice to whip some one. They are making all preparations for the sewip that must come very soon. When ft does come Eng on the market. Try them. TTIYMEON, QUEEN, $1.48 I GIRL GRADUATE, $1.08 FOR LADIES These shoes look good, fit well and wear better.

Try a pair and withotand the cold. Such woik is better than standing ou the streets Wlt.MAM S. Hall, JAMK8 A. Wlt.I.IS. HALL WILLIS, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, OAFFNBY.

CJ. land will be forced to help the Mikado's army and the war may Involve all Europe. In the meantime the Russians are rushing work on the railroad across Macbraia, wl to this the Japanese have no objections. Russia, and going to and fro where there is no be convinced of their business, and without any object in Notary Public In office. Prompt attention J.


Ilouur Roll. however, must defend the road against (rlvon to bh business. Offlce over R. A. Jones store.

REBELS GAIN GROUND. the attack of the natives. Some 16,000 coolies are now employed la the School No. 1 First Grade Mary Hamlin, Boyce Lavender, Willie De work." GENERAL METHUEN RELEASED. Camp, Earnest Cooper, Freeman J.

C. OTTS, and Counselor. BATTLE IN MANCWJRIA. A. N.

Wood President. K. B. Bkown. Vlee-Preiaejn.

Merchant and Planters JBanlc OF GAFFNEY. S. O. CAPITAL SUKPLUS State and County Depository. Office uustairs.

between R. A. Jones and Two Hundred Tunguesis Killed by Hames, Willie Gaines. Second Grade Mattie Pierson Bertha Lavender. Third Grade Paul Morehead.

Fifth Gradi- Pearl Crawley, Irene Curry, School No. 2 Victoria Ramsey Davenport. Ofllce and Residence Phone. Russian Trops. St.

Petersburg, Wwtek 13. A dis Does a general Banklnar and Exchange business, Is well fitted up with Fire Proof Vault Surtflar Proof Safe, with Automatic Time look. We solicit the business of peoule of patch received here today at the war iccupationfi G. W. SPEER, TWf.

SMITH. nhW offioe announces that another fight oc Marie Cash, Nola Patrick, Scaife Patrii curred March 3 betwe Russian troops and 300 Tunguesls, north of Hubandsy, atto rneyat.uw. School No. 4 Furinan Woody, Manchuria. Hut it ars, Sonic ttidfev.

His Conditon Favorable Enroute for Klerksdorp. London, March 13. The war secretary, Mr. feroderlck, announced in the house of commons today that he understood that General Methuen, who was captured, severely wounded, by General DeLarey March 10, had been released and was expected to arrive at Klerksdorp, southwestern Transvaal, today. The general's condition was favorable.

Mr. Droderick added that the exchange of General Methuen for Commandant Kritzinser had not been contemplated. The trial of the commandant had been postponed because consideration of the evidence to be presented had not been completed. JDST A FEW MOR! GAFFNEY, S. C.

Office In Auditor's offlee at Court House. Two hundred Tungaseia were killed, Greene, Jimmie Gaffocv, Charlie Price. Mas if'hson, Including their leader. Two Russians were wounded. Firm Will Make Beer Coolers.

EARTHQUAKE DESTROYS TOWN. Montgomery, March 13. The LI iIISIjIai Hendrix Manufacturing company was City of 20,000 Inhabitants In Asia Min organized here yesterday a capi tal of for the purpose of man or WnpatS Vvt Vienna, March 13 A dispatch to ufacturing beer coolers and other re- The None Freie Preww from Constan 'SHINGLES, BRICK, SASII, t'viteiating appliances. The incorporators are aniens the wealthiest business men in the city. DOORS, BLINDS We have so many things in our mammoth stock that we cannot mention them all in one advertisem*nt, and, too, we are constantly ADDING NEW BARGAINS.

Our latest arrivals are: Large supply Seed Irish Potatoes; White Seed Oats; Choice Molasses in 5-gallon and 10-gallon Plow Points in all styles, and a big shipment of the tinople today announces that the town of Kyankari, northeast of Angora, in Asia Minor, was destroyed by an earthquake March 12, No details of tfts have been received. Kyankari iJ 20,000 and all kinds of Building Ma terial, Paints, Oils, Etc. for sale at a small per cent, above cost for cash. Estimates made To Enlarge Gadsden Mill. Gadsden, March 13.

A large lot ot new machinery has been received by the Gadsden Cottonseed Oil company. Conner Bros, will enlarge their mill and double the capacity, making it 40 tons per day. They have made a success of the mill and it is one of best new industries. They Now Hold Afl Interior Provinces of the bthmua. New York, March 13.

The revolutionists now hold ail the interior provinces of the isthmus outside of Panama and Colon, cables the correspondent of The Horrid. The Ecuadorian government, the dispatch saps, has sent, special ordois to the local authorities in Guayaquil to make the visit of the United States cruder Philadelphia as peasant as possible. Formal protest has been made by the Colombian minister against the Ecuadorian expedition on the eastern i celebrated "Boy Dixie" Turn Plows We can without charge. L. BAKER also supply you with Guano Horns, Andirons, Ninety Per Cent.

Eryan Goes to Washington. New York, March 13. W. J. Bryan, who was the guest of Lewis Nion at dinner in this city last night, has gone to Washington and will then leave for Nebraska.

frontier. The protest is based on the WRECKED AjND LOOTED. Burs'ars at MmiooIw, Get Large Amours. Joliet, 111., March "TS. A band of six men early toda broke into Exchange bank, in 9 mil is weft of Joliet, wrecked Osr safe with dynamite and secured bewee-n $2,000 and in cash.

Theodore Krins, a etizen who heard the explosion, rose from a sick bed and went to warn A. K. Knapp, president of the bank. Tlw robbers discovered Krine on hit return, assaulted him and lft him gagged. He was not found until nearly two hours after.

Th roUbor took, a handcar on the Rock Island and went west. tripartite convention signed in Lima, Peru, in 1894. Harness, Bridles, Backbands, Trace Chains, Buggy Whips, Curry Combs, Rubber Belting, Brooms, Table and Pocket Cutlery, Hosiery, White and Colored Shirts, and athousand and one other things too numerous to mention. J-1, SARRATT GO. of all chrome headaches are due to eye strain.

Go to Or. Griffith at tlie Cherokee Drujf Co's. and have the defect In vision corrneted and thus be Flagman Killed By Train. Savannah, March 13. Charles Quickly and Permanently Cured Cowart, a flagman on the Plant sys tem, was run over In the Plant system yards and fatallv Injured by a pas Glasses fitted with scientific accuracy and all diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat treated according to the latest and most approved methods.

Rhodes Passes Restless Night Capetown, March 13. Cecil Rhodes passed a restless night, which has appreciably told on his general strength. Dr. Hull'K Congh Syrup In a grand old remedy, used for many years, and still In public 'avor. It Is without doubt the best medicine for nil pulmonary aff.

ctions. It alwiiys cures. All tirugtflsts sell it for 25 cents One two-horses wagon, second-handed, at a bargain. GafTney Live Stock Company. senger train.

He crossed the track In front of the fast moving train, and the pilot of the engine caught him. IF YOU WANT (Beware of Traveling Frauds who The engineer brought the train to a Advertise Free Examinations. stop as quickly as possible and train men cared for the man. The road's surgeon was summoned and Cowart was taken to the Savannah hospital, Buying Mounts for British Cavalry. Sheridan, March 13 British Agent J.

A. Conway, who Is buying horses for the use of the English cavalry in South Africa, has secured a large number of anlmsfe in this vicinity. These horses will oe shipped to Utah, where they will be inspected by British officers. Later they will be to New Orleans Dim- shipment to South Africa. where he was operated on.

He linger ed for a few hours, when death came to hi3 relief. BUY THEM FROM BulldlnR and Plastering Lime, Coal, and Plaster Hair. Plaster Paris. Rosendale Cement, Portland Cement, Dynamite, Blasting Powder. Fuse Dr.

Talmage III. San Antonio, March 13. T. DeWitt Talmage, confined to his berth Count Tolstoi's Contrition Wor9. St.

Petersburg, Marc 12. A sudden on account of illness, has passed through this city on his way to Wash DRUG CO. change for the wors-a bsa taken place ington. He was accompanied by Mrs. in the condition of Coant Tolstoi, who Talmage and his physician.

Mr. Tal has been ill for soma time past at every day at my nnirkot. unci fresh Hei Cork In season. cattle has pit so liiifli 1 will sell Hrst-cliiss Vak ami SaiiMi.e nt cents per pound, and nil other steaks at 10e. If you wmitimort meats and ood wt-luht buy froin a man who lias a (irst-clnss scale and then you won't pay for more -thiin you iret.

Come anil see my market and for yourself. I will open my bicycle shop nlxmt the llt-st of April anil will st 11 you a pod Monarch wheel. I will also sell all kinds of fixtures and Dynamite Caps, call on Limestone Springs Lime Works CARROLL Lessees. Telephone mage is returning from Mexico, where he went several weeks ago. Dr.

Talmage will stop one day at New Orleans to rest. Mrs. Talmage expresses no fears over his condition. Yalta, Crimea. Wife witness is more pronounced today an4 symptoms of pleurisy have developed.

His pulse ia most feeble and frequeily stops. The patient cannot sleep and is in low spirits. for bicycles, and repair most anything you ortnfr me as clieap as me cheapest, man in town, and sell the same way for cash or good papers. 'Chone me at 21 or W. W.

J. MANES1. Jones J. Darby. TASTE, QUALITY AND PRICE Recommend The Meats Bought From THE PEOPLE'S MARKET, and we can save you a "bit" of eali in the deal.

FRESH FISH Tuesdays and Fridays. 50 Nice Beef Cattle Wanted. THE PEOPLE'S MARKET. 'Phone Ne. 17.

May Lead To Uprising In China. Canton, March 13. There is great dissatisfaction here at tlta extortionate taxes which the mandarin are levying upon the pretext of meeting the installments of the Chinaae indemnity. Fie for Prisoner Contained Saw. Aberdeen, March 13.

The Will Lanier case continues to develop Interesting incidents. Last night at 8 o'clock, while Officers John Harmon and Joe Pope were on guard, a little girl brought the condemned man a pie from his mother, which, when opened by the guards, developed six little steel saws. REMEMBER! I Iiave atlopted the cash sys Insurance. and will sell you goods at The merchants have petitioned the at lowest price possibl for cash. 1 viceroy for redress, asserting that they fear the action of the mandarins will lead to an uprising.

Write Life, Newspaper Man Suicides. New York. March 13. Andrew Fire, I am overstocked with shoes and will sell you Men's heavy Creedmore ties, worth $1.25, at $1.00 better grade, at if 1.25 Men's tine shoes, worth $1.50, at best grade, worth $2.50, at $2.00. Ladies' and Children's shoes at proportionately low prices.

I. 1V1 ISXISK Bodies of Five Victims Recovered. Negaunee, March 13. The bodies of five victims of the Negaunee mine disaster have now been recovered They have been identified as William Williams, John Sullivan, John Pearce, John Pasco and Louis Matti-son. It may be some days before the other bodies in the drift are taken out.

watrous, a wen known newspaper man, committed suicide today by shooting. He had been a sufferer from insomnia and had been under the care F. G. Stacy, President. J.

G. Wakdlaw. Vice-l'resiaenv. THE NATIONAL BANK OF GAFFNEY. CAPITAL, Sl'KFLCS AN1 KOt'lTa, 10,000.

State. County and City Depository. Deposits solicited from Farmers, Merchants, Manufacturers and others. Every aoe odauon extended to customers that their business and responsibility will warrant. of a physician for some time.

Mr. Watrous came taTf'ew York ten years ago from Philadelphia. D. C. 1 Cashier Penal for Lawyer.

HARDWARE! NSURE'YOUR iL ia The Sheridan Arrives at 'Frisco. San Francisco, March 1.1 The transport Sheridan has arrived from Manila, from which port she sailed on February 1G. She brings 97 sick, six Insane and short term men, besides the headquarters of the First and Third battalions of the Twentieth infantry. l.onaon, iviarcn is. a.

h. Francis, a lawyer, charged with misappropriating 3,000 of funds belonging to the Countess of Orkney, formerly Connie Gilchrist, of 'the Gaiety theater, pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey today, and was sentenced tftitve years' penal PROPERTY, Health, Liability, Accident, Plate Glass and Surety Bonds. Rates Reasonable. Jones J. Darby.

Here we come with what you need AT GOOD PIICIS. Barbed and Smooth Wire, Poultry Netting, Pittsburg Steel Plows and One and Two-Horse Turners, Bellows', Blowers, Hammers, and in fact everything 'in Blacksmith tools. servitude. More ShiDS for British Navv. We call your special ATTENTION to our Garrett Guano Dis London, Marcfi The British ad Why not takeout policy In the Cherokee Mutual ire Insurance Company and protect your house ajulnst fire? It is one of the cheapest, safest and best companies doing business in the county.

You owe lr, to yourself, your family and your neighbors to protect them against loss of house and cloth'n? Muroh is the most dangerous month of the year for fires. Delays are aiways dangerous, so write at once to Kev. A. I. Davidson or Frank Mc Luney, Agents, to come and write you out a policy.

tributors and Cotton Planters. Ask any one that has ever useu mlralty has cotrftteted with various Former Boston Mayor Dead. Boston, March 13. General Augustus P. Martin, former mayor and also police commissioner of Boston, died today at his home in Dorchester.

General Martin was 67 years old. He served in the civil wai with great ship building for the con one of them and they will tell you they are the BEST on th Market worth. two of any other kind. struction of five first class and two third class cruisers and two battle' K. jVI.

Wiikine (hips..

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