Something's Different About Her Little Brother.. (2023)


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In this episode, Parker and Chester investigate a situation for a girl named Debbie, whose little brother Billy has recently went through changes. Debbie emails Parker and Chester, concerned that her older brother, Ronnie, isn't giving their younger brother proper care.

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Your little brother was in some type of accident.

He's always hungry.

You don't know what I have to do to feed him.

He was burning in the hole, and it looked like a person what's.

He doing bro.

I went into billy's room earlier.

He was literally chained to the wall like an animal do, you know, how disgusting that is, dude, wake up you hear that.


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So for this episode, we received an email from a girl named debbie who lives with her two brothers, debbie says that recently her little brother billy was in an accident that has caused horrific changes to his body and physical appearance.

She's also worried that her older brother, ronnie isn't, giving her younger brother enough food because he's always hungry debbie also says, she's, too afraid to be left alone with her younger brother because he drools and stares at her.

She sent us this video of her little brother for proof.

Now debbie says that she's too afraid to spend another night in that house alone.

So tonight we're gonna drive to her house and set up cameras.

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Why do you want to get between this girl and her brothers it's, not what I'm trying to do I'm worried for these kids debbie says, her older brother might not be taking care of them, but you don't know anything about the situation her older brother might be doing the best he can.

And he probably won't like us coming to his house.

Listen from what debbie said in that email there's something sick going on in that house.

And if her older brother is not making sure these kids are okay, then we have to bro, but that's, not our business, dude, debbie's probably scared out of her mind right now we need to get there before something bad happens.

Whatever all right, dude, let's, go in.

Okay, dude.

This place looks abandoned what the hell whatever let's go.

See if she's here? Okay, okay.

I'm gonna knock all right, dude, she's, not answering.

Where is she? I don't know, should I knock again, maybe but dude, bro who the hell is that what what's he doing, dude, he's, dragging something dude, he's coming over here.

Huh? What the hell are you two doing? Uh, hi I'm parker.

This is my friend chester we're here for debbie.

Do you know her, yeah, I know debbie, she's my sister.

What we can't stop it.


So we're actually supposed to film something with her tonight is she home? So you're filming me you've been filming me? Are you filming me back there? Uh, I don't know, could we come in and ask debbie some questions you can ask me.

Okay, bro.


Thank you for letting us.

Sit down with you, uh, I'm, sorry, what's.

Your name.

Ron ronnie, right? Um, I'm.

Assuming you're, debbie's, older brother, yeah, okay.

Well, it's nice to finally, learn your name.

I gotta say, this is a little weird because we were expecting to talk to your sister.


I already told you anything you were gonna ask her.

You could ask me so what's causing her to be so sick that she can't come out because she didn't listen to me.

She was getting involved in situations.

She shouldn't have what does that mean? Uh, ronnie.

Do you think you could explain that more? No all right? Well, your sister debbie mentioned to us that your little brother was in some type of accident.

What can you tell us about that? Huh? No.

She doesn't know what she's talking about? Yeah, but in the emails, she sent us.

She said that you might be mistreating your little brother and not caring for him or feeding him.


He is well cared for and well, fat, he's, fine, uh.

What okay, that's enough.

I feel like I'm being interrogated here.

I'm done with these questions.

You guys need to go.

Listen, I don't want to interrogate you, and I don't want to offend you.

We just heard some things from debbie, and I don't feel comfortable leaving here without checking on your little brother and making sure he's.

Okay, you just want to make sure my brother's.

Okay, all yes.


You guys want to see my little brother, but after that, you gotta leave.

Okay, yeah, that'd be great.


Can we go see him now? Yeah.


Come on.


Go see.

Okay, yeah.

What's wrong with him.

Listen, this kid's been through a lot lately.

You don't want to do anything that might excite.

Okay? What do you mean? Billy are you there? Billy there's, some nice people here who want to see you I'mma open the door.

What is it? Hi? Are you billy? My name's parker, I'm, friends with your sister debbie, uh, we just want to make sure you're.

Okay is your brother taking good care of you.

You need to tell us if you want us to help, you is your brother giving you enough food enough.

I want to talk to him anymore.

Get him too excited.


He seemed to respond.

When I asked him about food, are you feeding him, he's, fine he's, getting enough food, that's it.

You saw, you know, her deal.

You guys gotta go come on.

No, no, wait.


I know that was the deal, but it's really late.

And we drove all the way here.

Do you think it's possible that we stayed the night you just want to stay the night? Yes, just one night, please we're, too tired to drive home.

Now I have some things to finish outside.

I don't want you bothering me or snooping around understand.

Yeah, you can go back outside, uh, we're, probably just gonna go to bed.

You do not open this door again.

You hear me.

Yeah, I hear you we won't when the sun rises, you guys are out, dude.

Why are you trying to stay in this place? Does this guy not seem dangerous to you? He seems off, and I saw his little brother.

I don't think he's taking care of him at all, but we should be worried about taking care of ourselves.

What was that guy? Dragging outside earlier? I don't know, but I'm concerned about what's happening in this house, and we still need to talk to debbie she's.

The one who sent us the email, dude, no, we gotta go.

This guy's nuts.

Come on.

We gotta talk to debbie follow me.



I'm gonna knock on her door, all right, debbie, dude, she's, not saying anything.

Okay, I'm just gonna open it.

No, wait.

What are you doing she's? Not in here? Well, where could she be what the hell all right? Well, in case, she comes back I'm gonna set up a camera.

Okay, wait.

What is it? Oh, dude.

There's, a sock here, bro don't, be snooping around too much.

Okay, what's this notebook.

What chester what are you doing there? I just set up the camera.

I want to set them around the house, but dude, look at these pictures.

I think something messed up happened to this.

Girl, dude, those are just drawings.

Kids, draw weird stuff.

All the time let's just focus on collecting actual footage.

Okay, I'm gonna go set up more cameras.

You wait see this, dude, there's something else I want to go check.


So I'm putting some cameras down around this house, okay, so I just placed a few cameras.

Now I want to put one in billy's room billy.

I want to see what this guy's doing outside there.

He is what's.

He doing okay.

So he's, not answering we're, just gonna open it.


So I think this guy's done shoveling what's inside there.

Why are you chained? What do you want? Huh? Okay.

Stop what's going on.

He just started taking me what's going on he's just looking at places.

He shouldn't be give me the camera.

Listen, I'm.


He shouldn't have been recording you.

Oh, yeah.



Now, both you get the hell out of my house, listen ronnie, please, we really want to spend the night chester will delete whatever he just recorded chester delete.

The footage.

Dude, really, yes, really chester delete.





I deleted the footage.

Okay, he deleted.

It ronnie.


The footage is gone.

It's really late.

If you let it stay me, and chester will just go to sleep is that? Okay, dude.

He tagged me.

Hey, you didn't go in this room again, right? Uh.


I didn't, dude, this guy's dangerous.

He attacked me.

Well, why were you recording him outside? I don't know, well, why did you leave the door open to billy's room? It was a mistake.

I got all the cameras set up let's just go to the room and go to sleep.

Come on.

Okay, dude.

I told you he was burning in the hole, and it looked like a person.

How are you not concerned? What I'm very concerned right now? I don't think this guy is treating his brother.

Well, at all dude, forget about his little brother, I'm, telling you ronnie's dangerous.

We need to leave this place.


I went into billy's room earlier.

He was literally chained to the wall like an animal do, you know how disgusting that is? Yeah.

So why would you want to stay around this guy? Because we know he's been doing something messed up? We gotta stay here.

We actually have a chance to help someone but bro.

This place looks like trash.

I don't wanna sleep here.


These people invited you into their home you're.

A guest you shouldn't say stuff like that what I'm going to sleep bruno come on.

Okay, good night.

So, um, uh, um.

What what is it? Now, no, this is all the food you get, you know, why you can't now, uh, hmm, dude, wake up.

You hear that, dude, what is this? We gotta see what that is what's going on come on bro, dude.

What was that he sucked up his leg like spaghetti? I don't know, do you think that's? What happened to debbie? Probably what the hell happened to that kid? I don't know, let's just find a car come on.

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