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For soccer lovers, r/SoccerStreams was one of the most popular subreddits on the planet with over 500,000 members. They could watch full HD soccer streams for free and get unhindered access to tons of football match streams of all major leagues in the world. However, in one fell swoop Reddit blocked r/SoccerStreams due to copyright issues cited by Premier League. Nevertheless, if you are looking for an alternative to Reddit Soccer Streams, you are the right place.

Since the premium subscription plans for watching live sports such as soccer are exorbitantly high in many countries, r/SoccerStreams thrived as a favourable online destination where live streaming links of every major football league such as EPL, La Liga, Italian Serie A, or German Bundesliga were regularly shared.

Our list of alternatives to Reddit Soccer Streams also offers a melange of free HD football streams from all major leagues including UEFA Champions League. So without further ado, let’s get started.

10+ Reddit Soccer Streams Alternatives in 2023

Although the massively popular subreddit is no longer active on Reddit, there are many alternatives that have cropped up on Reddit itself who want to restore the legacy of r/RedditSoccerStreams for legions of football fanatics around the world.

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1) r/SoccerStreams69_

In the aftermath of the ban of SoccerStreams, Soccerstreams69_ has emerged as a great alternative subreddit that is indeed quite promising.

It took off almost immediately after the r/SoccerStreams was taken down. Soccerstreams69_ also strictly caters to football fans who follow various leagues around the world whether it be English Premier League, Spanish La Liga or Major League Soccer.

The moderators on this subreddit provide live streaming links just before the start of the match or new season. Moreover, all the links shared in this subreddit are in both SD and HD quality.

2) r/Soccer

You certainly won’t have to fret over buffering or low-quality streaming links since most of the links on RedditSoccer link out to AceStream which provides high definition soccer streams.

You can sift through tons of links posted right before the commencement of matches from all major football leagues in the world. Which is why, r/Soccer is considered as one of the best Reddit Soccer Streams Alternative online.

3) r/SoccerStreamsRedd

Although SoccerStreamsRedd doesn’t cover every major football league in the world, the silver lining is that the soccer streams are always 100% working so you won’t be left in the lurch.

You also won’t find too many live streaming links in this subreddit but that should not deter hardcore football fanatics from streaming the sport online without any hassle.

7 Best Alternative Sites to r/SoccerStreams

While the aforementioned subreddits may not suffice in finding the latest HD streams of football matches, there are many decent football streaming sites that are a great alternative to Reddit Soccer Streams.

1) Laola1

Reddit Soccer Streams 2023: 10+ Best Free Alternative Sites - TechRaver (2)

Spanish La Liga and Premier League fans would surely be in awe at the mere mention of Laola1 TV which has now moved to which is perhaps one of the most recognizable soccer streaming sites.

Not to mention, you can also record all your favourite football matches and high-octane highlights for offline playback in your downtime.

If you are passionate about your favourite football club, league or national team, you can always get into some fun banter with fellow football addicts on Laola1’s discussion forums that will surely keep you entertained besides the free soccer streams.

2) WatchESPN

Reddit Soccer Streams 2023: 10+ Best Free Alternative Sites - TechRaver (3)

There’s no competition with ESPN when it comes to live streaming sports online. The behemoth rolls on and still remains a force to reckon with despite being one of the oldest sports content providers.

What many people don’t know about ESPN is that they have a great live streaming platform called WatchESPN dedicated especially to their US and North American audience.

If you were looking for something similar to Reddit Soccer Streams for watching free football matches, look no further than WatchESPN. However, if you reside outside the US, you will have to use a VPN to access the site.

3) AceListing or AceStreams

Reddit Soccer Streams 2023: 10+ Best Free Alternative Sites - TechRaver (4)

AceStreams or AceListing is thronged by many football aficionados for getting quality live streaming links.

Redditors who previously followed the now defunct r/SoccerStreams subreddit will be familiar with AceStream, a name synonymous with the best links to watch not only soccer but many other sports live.

The user interface of this platform is neatly arranged with all the soccer links stacked together.

What’s more, you will be able to easily find 100% working streams in full HD quality. All together, AceListing is one of the best alternatives to Reddit Soccer Streams

4) BossCast

Reddit Soccer Streams 2023: 10+ Best Free Alternative Sites - TechRaver (5)

Bosscast is a major streaming site in North America and is one of the best alternatives to Reddit Soccer Streams if you want to watch Major League Soccer matches.

As well as football, you can find live streams of dozens of other sports including MotoGP, NBA, Hockey, etc. on this site.

Although primarily fixated on the U.S market, BossCast does provide HD streams of EPL and other European soccer leagues as well. Just as a heads up, non U.S may have to resort to using a VPN for bypassing BossCast which could be geo-restricted in their country.

5) Discord Channel

Reddit Soccer Streams 2023: 10+ Best Free Alternative Sites - TechRaver (6)

If you are not familiar with the Discord app, here’s a little bit of a preface. Discord is an app cum website created especially made for gamers.

But now it has traversed into much more. People can join a Discord server to discuss, share, do animated voice and text chats with their friends or strangers online.

Available for Android, iOS, and Windows, there are many football specific secret Discord servers wherein you can get live streaming links of matches before they start.

However, you will have to be invited as a member in order to access those Discord servers where football lovers also meetup to discuss match highlights, team rosters, etc via live chat.

6) Live TV

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Want to gorge on seamless live soccer streaming? Live TV offers tons of links in multiple international languages such as English, Italian, Spanish, & Russian so as to cater to a diverse global audience.

The user interface of Live TV provides an immersive viewing experience where one can choose their preferred soccer live streams on the left side of the screen.

Not to mention, despite time constraints, users can also suss out live score lines (Chelsea vs Crystal Palace) and stay updated with the latest fixtures, league matches and club news (new Manchester United signings, for instance).

7) Sony LIV

Reddit Soccer Streams 2023: 10+ Best Free Alternative Sites - TechRaver (8)

Perhaps one of the biggest entertainment sites in the world, Sony LIV also doubles up as a platform for finding 100% legal soccer streams from major football leagues.

Backed up by a beautiful and clean user interface, Sony LIV offers free lag free soccer streams. You are most likely to find the latest EPL matches on this site.

Besides soccer, users can also stream any other sports all they want. Furthermore, you will not see any intermittent ads on this site which retains an immersive appeal. The only downside is that most of the sports channels on this site are fixated on Asia-centric sporting events.

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Why was r/SoccerStreams Shut down?

Due to looming copyright issues and legal hassles, the hugely popular subreddit r/SoccerStreams was taken down by Reddit in early 2019. Speculations are rife that many major sports broadcasters coalesced against Reddit and threatened to sue them if their demands were not met.

Hence, r/SoccerStreams was abruptly shut down much to the dismay of scores of football maniacs worldwide. Luckily, you can still watch soccer online through our list of alternatives.

Are the Alternatives to Reddit Soccer Streams Legal?

All the aforementioned subreddits shared with you are completely legal and provide free HD streams. Since these subreddits are run and maintained by dedicated moderators you can be sure to find updated and working streams of football matches.

And..that’s a wrap! Did you like our list of alternatives to Reddit Soccer Streams? Sound off in the comments.

Reddit Soccer Streams 2023: 10+ Best Free Alternative Sites - TechRaver (2024)
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