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Recreate that feeling of arriving at a stylish hotel every time you pull onto your driveway with our range of outdoor lighting. The welcoming exterior lights of a home proudly showcase your castle in all its glory; there is nothing more inviting than a well-lit outdoors in the evening. You could use outside lights to highlight a specific feature or simply to make it easier to see what is going on after dark. Your garden is an extension of your home, and external lights allow you to maximise the time you can spend in it, making it the ideal place to relax after a long day. Whether your focus is on function or fashion, lighting up your outdoor space has never been easier, so start your exterior lighting project today with our great collection of outdoor and garden lights.

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  • How to choose outdoor lightsWe know how easy it is to lose track of time when you are outside – garden get-togethers are notorious for lasting well into the evening.
  • How to install a solar powered lightSolar powered floodlights can be a security feature but they can also illuminate garden paths, or make the most of your patio on long summer evenings.
  • How to fit outdoor lightsOutdoor lighting gives you loads of benefits. It can illuminate your path to the front door.
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Introducing some garden lights to your outdoor space can not only improve security but can also help you make the most of your garden. If you are looking to add dusk lighting as a decorative feature with LED string lights or want to improve safety with security lights, you’ll find a wide choice of outside lighting, porch lights, and garden LED lights at B&Q.

Outdoor wall lights are an easy way to add focus to the parts of your home exterior you are most proud of while also making it easier to navigate your outdoor space in the dark. If you are looking to illuminate a pathway in your front or back garden, you’ll find a choice of post lights and spike lights, or ground lights as they are sometimes called, which are easy to install and have a choice of power source to suit your needs. If you’re looking to avoid any accidental falls, decking lights are a great choice, helping to protect you and your visitors from falls in the dark while enhancing the overall look of your outdoor space.

If you’re looking to save energy, then solar garden lights can be a great choice. We offer a wide variety of solar powered garden lights, from solar lanterns, which add a decorative element to your outside space, to solar security lights, which can give you peace of mind. You’ll even find a choice of solar decking lights to reduce the risk of falls and solar string lights to create a party-ready garden; led solar lights can do it all!Motion sensor lights are another great option for keeping the running costs of your outdoor lighting down. These only come on when there is a movement within the garden, meaning they double up as a deterrent to intruders. Whether you're in the market for fence lights, driveway lights, a deck light or more, look no further than B&Q for the best outdoor lights for your space.

How to light up a garden without electricity?

Illuminating an outdoor space without electricity is much easier than you may expect; our full collection of outdoor lighting features both battery-powered and solar-powered options. Solar and battery powered outdoor lighting allows placement flexibility as they do not require close proximity to an electricity supply. Aside from giving you more autonomy over your garden lighting, they also open up opportunities for hard-to-reach areas, such as the bottom of a garden, to be illuminated with ease and style. Why not check out our battery-powered security lighting to enhance the sense of safety at home or solar-powered string lights for a playful ambience?

What are the best solar lights?

Solar lights save energy and create affordable illumination in your outdoor environment, relying on the sun for their power. The best solar lighting for your space depends on your individual requirements, whether you’re looking to increase the sense of security at home with solar security lighting or introduce some ambience with solar string lights. You’ll find a vast collection of of shed solar lights and solar path lighting to choose from at B&Q, including: • Solar wall lightsSolar security lightsSolar string lightsSolar post lightsSolar ground lightsSolar lanternsSolar decking lights.
Check out our helpful guide ‘How to install a solar powered light’ for safe and secure installation.

Outdoor Lighting | Garden Lights | DIY at B&Q (2024)
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