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Make sure your children always have the care they need by choosing Ochsner Children's Hospital, a hospital dedicated exclusively to children’s healthcare.

From rare brain tumors and leukemia to heart conditions and organ transplants, we offer a level of pediatric care unmatched in Louisiana and more advanced capabilities than any other children’s hospital in New Orleans. Plus, our children’s-only ER is equipped to handle any pediatric emergency.

Parents Want the Best for their Kids. So Do We

For the seventh year in a row, U.S. News & World Report has ranked Ochsner Children's Hospital among the Top 50 Children’s Hospitals in the country. This year, Ochsner Children's Hospital ranked in cardiology and heart surgery and orthopedics by , which makes us the only children's hospital in Louisiana to rank in two specialties in one year.

Ochsner Children's Hospital is the No. 1hospital for kids in Louisiana. You can count on us.

Hospital Details

  • 125-bed children's hospital, located on the Ochsner Medical Center – New Orleans campus on Jefferson Highway
    • 54-bed Level IV regional neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), the highest level available in Louisiana (located on the OchsnerBaptist campus)
    • 14-bed Level I pediatric intensive care unit (ICU), the highest level available
    • 12-bed pediatric cardiovascular ICU, the only unit of its kind in the Gulf South
    • ​45-bed pediatric acute care unit
  • A level of pediatric care unmatched in Louisiana offering more than 30 pediatric specialties and sub-specialties, such as pediatric gastroenterology, pediatric hematology, pediatric cardiology, pediatric pulmonology and more
  • Quality care with excellent outcomes: Our Congenital Heart Disease Program hada100% survival rate in 2018.Learn more about our patients' high survival rates.
  • Child Life Specialists available as part of your child's care team

Pediatric ER

  • Bookmark Ochsner.org/ER to view wait times
  • Dedicated waiting area just for the children’s ER
  • Specially-trained pediatric emergency room doctors
  • Pediatric specialists and subspecialists you can’t find anywhere else in the region
  • ICU just for children
  • Warm and caring environment created especially for children and families

We Always Stay Up Late

  • Not sure if it’s an emergency or if you need a clinic appointment? Call Ochsner On Call at 800-231-5257 24/7 and speak with a registered nurse to determine the best care options for your child.

Getting Involved

As a nonprofit, the impact that our donors and volunteers have at Ochsner Children'sis extraordinary. There are many ways that you can get involved too.

  • You can share your story anddescribe in your own words the care you received from our team and how your lifehas changed for the better.Click here to share your family’s story of care at Ochsner Children's Hospital, and we may share your story on social!
  • You can host a community event to raise funds for Ochsner Children's Hospital. When you decide to host your own event, you are the driving force behind advances in patient care and treatment options for patients throughout the region. To learn more, please contact specialevents@ochsner.org.
  • You can volunteer for an event. If you’re interested in volunteering for events at Ochsner Children's Hospital,please contact specialevents@ochsner.org.
  • You can become an Ambassador. The Ambassadors for Ochsner Children's Hospitalare passionate patient families, friends and community members committed to making the world better for children. Learn more about the Ambassador program.
  • You can make an investment in the future of care for children. Gifts to Ochsner Children's Hospital help change and save lives every day. Make a donation online to support pediatric care.

Accreditations and Recognition

Children's Hospital Association

  • Ochsner Children's Hospital is a member of The Children’s Hospital Association, which brings together 220 hospitals to facilitate innovative thinking and cultivate solutions for children’s healthcare.

Nursing Magnet Recognition Program

  • Ochsner Children's Hospital has been recognized for its professionalism and outstanding patient care in nursing. The Nursing Magnet Recognition Program recognizes organizations that go above and beyond when it comes to nursing.

Solutions for Patient Safety

  • Ochsner Children's Hospital is one of more than 145 children’s hospitals who are members of the Solutions for Patient Safety network with a shared vision that children’s healthcare is of the utmost importance and no child should be harmed in an effort to heal.

The Joint Commission

  • Ochsner Children's Hospital is proud to be recognized nationwide for our quality of care and commitment to prioritizing healthcare performance by The Joint Commission.

  • Ochsner Children's Hospitalis proud to be named the No. 1 hospital in Louisiana for kids and ranking in two specialties: cardiology and heart surgery and orthopedics. Learn more about our rankings here.
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Ochsner Children's Hospital | Ochsner Health (2024)
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