Mount Carmel Register from Mount Carmel, Illinois (2024)

Cleveland, Akron, Wx Wx Wx Wx IN FOR I A8 Hometown Register Tuesday, May 21, 2024 BY THE HOMETOWN REGISTER ALLENDALE On ues- day, May 14, Allendale Ele- mentar School promoted 13 eighth grade students to high school. Here is a list of the students promoted: Cadence Buchanan Logan Doerr Keilob Escobedo Emma Ford Noah Hipsher Conner McGinnis Clairabelle Nelson Stetson Potts Gabby Schneider Joel Schneider TJ Singh Aiden Swift Tiffany Westlake Receiving awards during the beth Perry Emma Ford promotional exercise were the following: American Legion Award pre- McGinnis sented by Mr. Clint Seybold Noah Hipsher and Cadence Buchanan Reading Award presented by Mrs. Elizabeth Perry Keilob Escobedo, Emma Ford, Conner McGinnis Top Accelerated Reading Award presented by Mrs. Eliza- Spelling Award presented by Mrs.

Elizabeth Perry Conner English Award presented by Mrs. Elizabeth Perry Conner McGinnis Math Award presented by Mrs. Mackenzie Thread Emma Ford and Joel Schneider Science Award presented by Mr. Nick Waldroup Conner McGinnis Social Studies Award present- ed by Mr. Nick Waldroup Conner McGinnis Heath Award presented by Mr.

Ryan Dougherty Joel Schnei- der Accelerated Reading Honor Wall points) presented by Mr. Bob Bowser Cadence Buchanan, Logan Doerr, Keilob Escobedo, Emma Ford, Noah Hipsher, Conner McGinnis, Stetson Potts, Gabby Schneider, Joel Schneider, TJ Singh, Aiden Swift, and Tiffany Westlake All-Sports Award presented by Mr. Bob Bowser TJ Singh Allendale school promotes 13 students to high school BY DEE-ANN DURBIN ASSOCIATED PRESS Van Leeuwen Ice Cream usually draws customers with gourmet takes on classics like vanilla and pistachio. But occasional- ly, the artisanal ice cream maker headquar tered in New York slips in what it calls a like Hidden Valley Ranch or pizza. Surprising flavor combi- nations think gravy-fla- vored Jones Soda or Sour Patch Kids Oreos are showing up more frequent- ly in grocer stores and restaurant chains.

Hershey recently intro- duced pink lemonade-fla- vor ed Kit Kats, while IHOP and brought out Rooty Tooty Fresh Fr uity potato chips, designed to taste like straw- ber y-topped pancakes with a hint of bacon. In the United Kingdom, Lit- tle Moons made fish-and- chips mochi ice cream in 2021, while potato chip brand Walkers is known to celebrate Christmas with a Brussels sprout-flavored edition. Usually, these are limit- ed-time flavors, although occasionally so pop- ular they wind up on store shelves permanently, as Hot Dill Pick- le chips did in 2019. While tempting to pass them of as social media stunts, experts say more to the story. Food companies are responding to the chang- ing and expanding tastes of consumers while also try- ing to keep brands relevant and distinct to win space on crowded store shelves.

in a really excit- ing time of flavor develop- ment where consumers are not just one thing. not just a sour lover or a sweet lover. You want a little of this and a little of said Kristen Braun, the senior brand manager for Oreo innovation at Chi- cago-based food and bev- erage company Mondelez International. are finding the freedom to explore a little bit more and get more Sour Patch Kids Oreos vanilla cream-filled cook- ies speckled with colorful bites of the sour candies are one of about a dozen limited-edition Oreo fla- vors that Mondelez plans to release this year. Braun said it takes the company one or two years to develop such products, which stay on shelves for about nine weeks.

already think- ing ahead to future flavors that blur the lines between sweet, salty and spicy. Oddball pairings entirely new in the food and beverage industr y. Hubba Bubba released a bubble gum-flavored soda in the late 1980s, for exam- ple. But manufacturers and their suppliers have gotten more sophisticated and efficient, making it easier to experiment and put out limited-editions more fre- quently, said Mark Lang, a food marketing expert and associate professor of mar- keting at the University of Tampa. Kyle Shadix, who as the corporate executive research chef for PepsiCo, has worked on beverages like Pepsi Maple Syrup and a strawber shor tcake Pepsi sold in Japan, said the members of Generation are also fueling innovation.

diverse, adventur- ous and pick up on food trends quickly through social media, he said. ever chef dream to design said Shadix, who is currently experimenting a lot with Mexican, Korean and Jap- anese flavors. is going to drive us faster. going to start to see even more exploration quicker than in the past because just so open to Toying with flavors can boost brands in sever- al ways. Sometimes they bring new customers to a brand.

They might also nudge buyers to pick up the original flavor, Russell Zwanka, director of the food marketing program at Western Michigan Univer- sity, said. Patch Oreos sound interesting, but nobody wants to risk buying Oreos that taste good, so people buy Zwanka said. When companies com- bine brands, tr y- ing to build an associa- tion in minds. Peeps-flavored Pepsi, which came out last year, sends the message that Pepsi is current and fun, Lang said. Mustard-fla- vored Skittles, which came out last summer, made the 104-year-old brand seem playful.

behind the weird flavors popping up on store shelves AP Franklin II Ben Van Leeuwen scoops Kraft Mac Cheese flavored ice cream on Wednesday in the Brooklyn borough of New York. Visit us online Hometown Register Weather Today Mostly Sunny Precip Chance: Tonight Scattered Precip Chance: Wednesday Scattered Precip Chance: Thursday Showers Likely Precip Chance: Friday Few Showers Precip Chance: Saturday Scattered Precip Chance: Local Discussion Today we will see mostly sunny skies with a near record high temperature of humidity of South wind 6 to 18 mph. The heat index for today could reach up to The record high temperature for today is set in 1987. Almanac Temperatures (Yesterday) High 24 90 hours through 6 p.m. 0.00" Low Month 68 to Date 6.99" Normal Normal High Month to Date 3.51" 78 Normal Year Low to Date 22.32" 58 Record 1962 Normal High Year to Date 19.82" 93 in Record 2002 Statistics Low through 6 p.m.

yesterday 39 in Precipitation (Yesterday) Cincinnati, Clarksville, Full from Evansville Airport Sun and Moon Sunrise 5:34 a.m. Today Wed. Sunset 7:59 p.m. 6:27 Moonrise p.m. Moonset 4:12 a.m.

Moon Phases Last New First UV Index UV Index for 3 periods of the day. a.m. 8 1 City Noon 9 p.m. 4 5 Beijing 0-2: Minimal The higher the UV index, the higher the need for eye and skin protection. 3-4: Low 5-6: Moderate 7-9: High Very High Download the free weather app at: Regional Cities City OH Gary, Ashland, KY pc mc Indianapolis, IN sh Belleville, IL sh Joliet, IL Bloomington, IN sh Kankakee, IL Bowling Grn, KY pc Carbondale, IL Champaign, IL Chicago, IL pc Lexington, KY pc OH pc TN OH Columbus, OH pc Dayton, OH pc Defiance, OH pc sh Terre Haute, IN sh Detroit, MI sh Evansville, IN Fort Knox, KY Fort Wayne, IN pc sh Frankfort, KY Today Wed.

City Wx Wx sh pc sh Kokomo, IN pc sh Lafayette, IN pc Lawrenceville, IL sh London, KY pc Paducah, KY St. Louis, MO South Bend, IN Springfield, IL National Cities Today Wed. City Wx Wx Atlanta pc pc Boston pc Charleston, SC Chicago pc Denver sh Detroit sh Honolulu sh mc Las Vegas Los Angeles fg pc Miami New Orleans pc New York pc San Francisco pc pc International Cities Today Wed. ra Berlin pc ra Hong Kong ra ra Jerusalem London ra ra Moscow ra ra Sydney ra Tokyo mc ra Today's National Map River Stages Flood Stage Current Change High: in Rio Grande Village, Texas Little Wabash River Carmi 27 9.91 Wabash River Mount Carmel 19 15.22 Montezuma 14 10.01 Riverton 15 12.10 Vincennes 16 11.12 Embarras River Lawrenceville, IL 30 20.87 Patoka River Princeton 18 11.26 Lake and river levels are in feet. Change is over the past 24 hrs.

National Extremes Low: in Kirk, Ore. (For the 48 contiguous states) Area Forecast Princeton Mt. Carmel Washington Vincennes Grayville Olney Teutopolis Newton Robinson Flora Carmi Fairfield Warrenton Additional Feature Sections Posted Daily!

Mount Carmel Register from Mount Carmel, Illinois (2024)
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