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A collection of 20+ Traditional Haitian Recipes for every meal from breakfast to dessert and drinks. Explore the secrets to this delicious Haitian Cuisine that so many people have yet to experience.

In addition to delicious recipes, learn about how Haitian Heritage Month is celebrated in the United States below.

Have you ever tried Haitian food? No?

Well, you’re in for a treat!

Haitian cuisine is a mouthwatering delectable explosion of flavors that once you try it, you never forget. This unforgettable cuisine only lacks in popularity because not enough people have had the opportunity to try traditional Haitian food.

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Before we savor the flavors of Haitian Cuisine, let’s learn a little more about the culture and ways you may be able to experience Haiti in your own city.

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Haitian Heritage Month

May is Haitian Heritage Month and is a month of celebration for Haitian Americans. Since Haitian Flag Day is on May 18th, this is why the month of May was chosen.

Haitians celebrate our Flag Day with as much fanfare as we do our Independence Day on January 1st.

There are different legends, but one says that General Dessalines created the flag from remnants of the French flag. He ripped it apart to create the Haitian flag.⁠

The flag today is not identical to the one created by General Dessalines, however the colors of red, white and blue remain.⁠
◼ Red – for the blood spilled in the fight for Independence⁠
◼ Blue – for the hope of a new nation⁠
◼ White – for purity⁠
The current motto on the flag is: Unity is Strength!⁠

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Haitian Heritage Month celebrated?

Haitian Heritage Month is celebrated in a variety of ways, including cultural festivals, music and dance performances, art exhibits, and educational events. Many organizations and communities also host events that highlight the achievements and contributions of Haitian Americans.

Why is Haitian Heritage Month important?

Haitian Heritage Month is important because it raises awareness about the rich history, culture, and contributions of Haitian Americans. It also provides an opportunity for the Haitian American community to celebrate and share their traditions with others, and for people of all backgrounds to learn and appreciate the diversity of American culture.

How can I get involved in celebrating Haitian Heritage Month?

There are many ways to get involved in celebrating Haitian Heritage Month, including attending events and activities in your community, reading books and articles about Haitian culture and history, learning to cook Haitian food, or donating to organizations that support the Haitian American community. You can also share information about Haitian Heritage Month on social media and encourage others to learn more about this important celebration.

The majority of Haitians in the United States live on the East Coast, particularly in Miami, NYC tri state area, Boston and the DMV area. This is where you will find many activities occurring during Haitian Heritage Month.


It was a troop of Haitian soldiers that helped America hold on to Savannah during the American Revolution. Read about it and don’t forget to visit the statue when you are in Savannah.

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Unless you are in NYC, Boston or Miami or have had the pleasure of visiting Haiti, authentic Haitian food is probably hard to come by in your neck of the woods.

It always makes me so sad, when I think of how many people are missing out! I am 1/2 Haitian and I am lucky to come from a family of amazing cooks on both sides of my family. These authentic Haitian family recipes were passed down from my aunt’s, with sometimes a little modern intervention from me.

Haitian food is a wonderful cuisine to explore for a few reasons

  • budget friendly, using basic common ingredients
  • full of flavor
  • quick and easy, without complicated culinary techniques

So what staples do you need to have on hand to learn how to cook Haitian Food Recipes?

Haitian Cuisine Staples

  • onions
  • garlic
  • bell peppers
  • Haitian hot peppers (Scotch Bonnet/habanero)
  • thyme
  • chicken bouillon cubes or powder
  • tomato paste
  • cloves
  • star anise
  • cinnamon
  • plantains
  • kidney beans
  • cornmeal

Have you tried instacart yet? It’s how I get all of my fresh grocery items delivered within 2 hours!

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And here are a few kitchen tools that might come in handy…

This variety of Haitian dishes will allow you to explore a variety of Haitian flavors for all of your meals from breakfast to dessert.

…one more thing to mention since the Haitian Creole language is a phonetical one, spellings are fluid so if you happen to have seen these recipes with similar but different spellings, it is all the same thing.

For example, our red bean sauce may be called Sause Pois or Sos Pwa or Sos Pois – you decide!

Haitian Recipes

so now let’s get to the Haitian Food Recipes!

Haitian Basic Recipes

  • Haitian Epis Seasoning (Haitian style sofrito)
  • Pikliz Recipe – Haitian Pickled Vegetables
  • Sos Ti Malice – Haitian Creole Sauce
  • Haitian Vanilla Extract
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Haitian Breakfast Ideas

  • Labouyi Bannan – Haitian Plantain Porridge
  • Pain de Mais – Haitian Cornbread
  • Haitian Spaghetti (yes, Haitians eat spaghetti for breakfast)
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Haitian Appetizers

  • Pate – Haitian Salt Cod Patties
  • Banane Peze – Haitian style Tostones (Fried Green Plantain)
  • Lam Veritab Boulet – Stuffed Breadfruit Fritters
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Haitian Main Dishes

  • Soup Joumou – Haitian Pumpkin Soup
  • Djon Djon – Haitian Black Rice with Shrimp
  • Poulet en Sauce – Haitian Stewed Chicken
  • Haitian Okra Sauce with Breadfruit
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Haitian Side Dishes

  • Sauce Pwa – Haitian Red Bean Sauce
  • Salade Russe -Haitian Style Russian Salad
  • in the Instant Pot
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Haitian Desserts

  • Haitian Orange Cake
  • Pain Patate – Sweet Potato Pudding
  • Haitian Butter Cake
  • Haitian Beignet Banane – Banana Fritters
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Haitian Drinks

  • Haitian Akasan – Cornmeal Drink
  • Kremas Recipe (aka Cremas or Cremasse – Haitian Eggnog (without the eggs)
  • Haitian Rum Punch
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Haitian Recipes - Global Kitchen Travels (2024)
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