Filling My Friend's House With 100 Million Packing Peanuts! (2023)





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This is my best friend's house and I just filled it with packing peanuts.

This is insane.

First let me explain.

This is my friend George and five years ago.

He helped me start my YouTube channel.

And honestly, without George I don't think I would have this YouTube channel today.

So I owe it all to him so that's, why I decided to prank him and fill his entire house with packing needles? Oh he's, not really gonna be mad at these peanuts.

I think the worst part was selling all his furniture on Ebay.


We forgot to mention that there's nothing here.

We have four days to fill this entire house before George gets back from Canada.

And we gotta move quick because we have 12 18 wheelers full of nuts.

You boys ready for our first bag of net I'm stuck in the nut.

Our first bag of nut, one bag down 1378 more to go.

And a couple days, we're gonna be able to jump off of this balcony.

Let the chaos begin.

Oh, dude, the smell all hands on deck for this one keep giving me more nuts.

Boys the whole hallway is blocked we're, filling his whole house kitchen and everything this dude's, not even going to be able to open his fridge, oh, gosh, ah, there's, still ground here.

What if we do the staircase, we have hit maximum levels of efficiency here at unspeakable.

We have an entire conveyor belt, that's passing all the nuts inside the house.

Look at the efficiency.

The efficiency is we just filled this entire room with peanuts.

But now we got to open them foreign.

We are at the top of nut, Mountain there's.

So many peanuts in this freaking room.

Oh I said, it's so hard to climb up this, because when you put your foot on a bag, it just goes through free my nuts.

This is the last bag all right boys I'm finna hit it that looked painful.

You know, it worked for about a second and then I just hit every stair.

Yeah, this is the rail right here.

Yeah, I'll.

Let that dolphin go, oh, all right.

Let me give you guys a tour come on here.

We are in George's hallway, there's nuts.

We even decided to fill his fish tank.

Hi window fishy.

This right here is his front door.

So I, don't really know how he's gonna get inside.

This is where his couch used to be, but it doesn't exist.

His TV's still up on the wall, though, as we walk through here, this used to be where George ate breakfast every morning.

But now we have replaced it with a little table.

If we walk into here, this would be the kitchen.

His kitchen is still pretty functional.

He can still use the sink.

He can still use the oven, although I wouldn't recommend boys.

We gotta make sure George can use this fridge.

What if he's thirsty we're, almost there boys look at that, we can see the floor, I forgot, what color it was.

Now he can access his fridge, oh bro.

This expired, a year ago, we're gonna clean his fridge.

Listen, honestly, this is.

This is your fridge at home.

You guys need to go to Walmart right now because y'all are missing out.

You want some juice.

Yeah, go get your juice right now at every Walmart across the United States.

So your fridge can look like this.

We made a basketball goal out of peanuts.

These dudes are kind of kind of tall, bro, Nathan, Graham, Johnson with the handles he's, dribbling, he's, drumbling, he's, flopping.

My name give me a second traveling all right.



Oh, that's down.

I took the whole goal bro that was our only form of entertainment.

Don't worry.


We got a bigger goal, it's, uh over there.

If we had that the whole time you literally put it in the house, a good, you knocked door up you're like a 360.

No scope.

Oh, yeah.

Here he comes.

Oh, yeah.



Oh snap trick shot you like that.

Baby, watch this knee trick.

Oh, these nuts are so deep I know, we've done this before in the past.

But every time we pull this off I feel like it's just crazier and crazier, dude, just look at this.

It doesn't even look real.

It looks like it's like Christmas or something diving catch bro with camera in hand.

Where are you gonna throw it just so you won't land on the countertop hit it? Hey, let's.

Go I, can't.

Dance, bro.

This is why I'm a YouTuber we're in George's backyard right now and from the outside, it looks kind of crazy.

See are you good I'm standing up right now.

So some parts of the house are a lot deeper than others, but you can literally just walk around his back patio and just see all the nuts everywhere, dude, like look at this.


Come in bro.

I'ma pass him the pig skin.

Oh, I.

Can't, wait till this dude comes home.

This will be interesting.

We only have 16 hours until George gets home.

Two one it's, stuck, ladies and gentlemen, I, introduce you the nut swing what peanut swing and packing peanut swing here we go.

I, don't think, it's strong, enough, Why, didn't.

It work.

We built it out of titanium nut.

I still got the Rope just because you broke that battle on the mattress 1v1.


Boy, yeah.

Boy, yeah.


I'm Victorious.


I, couldn't.


I'm stuck boys.

Oh, you need help.

Oh there.

It is I'm gonna catch an elephant boys get him back your face planted on the wall.

I thought he was dead I.

Finished cookies.

Boy upstairs, you're, getting better son, let's, put on your nuts.

Toss me, the banana I'ma hit this boy it's not going.

Why is it not going? Maybe because it thinks you're too appealing just make your way down and split? Oh, you're like vertical.

This banana sucks.

Yeah, yo.

That was a fresh shot I'm, not doing that again, bro all right? We thought the staircase would be fun.

It sucks.

It doesn't hit like the old.

Staircases it's got to be a straight staircase.

The curved ones just don't be hitting the same.

The vibe is not Immaculate.

Everyone flashback where's.

The bathroom, oh, the bathroom's right over there.

The first door on the right or left first door on the right, oh, yeah.

We didn't fill this one with nut at least your legs will be warm when you're pooping because look be nice and cozy.

We got an update from Connor George is about 30 minutes away he's just 20 miles away.

So that's the driveway.

And we even moved all our cars, a mile down the street.

So when he comes home, it's, just gonna be like nothing is suspicious.

I just want to give a shout out to our boy Connor for being our wingman without him.

We would not have any of the information and not be able to pull this off, because he is George's roommate so he's tracking him, but I haven't spoke to George in like two weeks.

He has no idea we've done any of this.

Oh he's about to be here.

This man drove all the way from Canada to Texas.

Oh there he is, oh he's, pulling in oh he's here, he's here, he's gonna pull in the garage.

So this is the hallway where his garage is so he's going to come through here.

Oh I'm so nervous.

This one Lucy come on bro.

What is this? What is going on? Dude? How did you even get this in here? I made a hundred thousand dollars what's up, bro, I have so many questions I, just filled your house with peanuts.

Where's, my furniture, uh, I, sold it.

Oh you sold.

Oh yeah.

I mean, I can live like this? How do I get this out of my house? Bro, I, don't know, honestly everybody tried jumping off the second floor yet, oh, yeah, totally close.

This is ridiculous.


How did you do this? What was it like 9 or 10? 18 wheelers, yeah, something like that I was gonna come home.

I, haven't, slept in 30 hours.

Do you probably feel like you're hallucinating? Right now, definitely you're gonna wake up and all the peanuts are gonna be gone.

You're gonna be like you want to jump off the top.

You want me to jump off the second floor jump off.

This is the final celebration.

All right.


Okay, here we go.

Yeah, wow.

That was actually pretty smooth.

So honestly, bro, honestly, what do you think honestly? Man, this is.

This is probably the craziest thing so far.

This is definitely up there, dude, all right.

Thanks for the content.

It's gonna be going to Canada we're gonna fill your house or something.

Yeah, you can't ever leave your house again.

When Connor lives here, I thought, somebody broke into my house because I was like, why are my cameras? Not working? Why where's my camera all his cameras and then Connor told him it was like a security issue.

The Wi-Fi went out go.

Look at the Wi-Fi went out bro.

Well, I think this is a pretty good success.

Subscribe like this video and uh, leave a comment in the comment section below because I'm gonna pick a random fan and I'm Gonna Fill, your house with peanuts.

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