Douglas Dam Release Schedule (2024)

1. Tailwater Dam Generation Schedules -

  • Lake Levels and Generation Schedules for Tennessee Dams · Flow Conditions at Various Streams and Rivers.

  • Tailwater Dam Generation Schedules

2. TVA Dam Release Schedules - Tennessee River Valley

  • ... lake elevations, water level information, dam generation release schedules. TVA publishes daily flow schedules for all its dams in order to give people ...

  • ![Chickamauga Dam in Chattanooga, Tennessee.]( The Tennessee River Valley’s vast, coordinated system of locks, dams and m...

3. Douglas Lake Water Level History

  • (feet above sea level) Full Pool = 990. Today's Level | Weather | Moon Phases. January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October ...

  • Douglas Lake Water Level History

4. Douglas Lake Water Levels - Smoky Mountain Lake Rentals

  • Douglas Lake Water Levels. Douglas Lake Water Release and Lake Level Statistics ... Reservoir-specific flow requirements keep the riverbed below that reservoir's ...

  • Smoky Mountain Lake Vacation Rentals : Douglas Lake Water Levels - Pool Units Family Reunions Pet Friendly Pigeon Forge Units Douglas Lake Units Cherokee Lake Units great smoky mountains national park, douglas lake, lakefront cabin rentals, lakefront vacation rentals, gatlinburg cabin rentals, pigeon forge, sevierville, ashville, north carolina mountains

5. Douglas Lake Water Level

  • Saturday, January 6, 2024 7:00:00 PM Level is 38.11 feet below full pool of 990.00. Change Since Yesterday: 0.14 Feet. Preparing lake level chart.

  • Douglas Lake Water Level including historical chart

6. TVA Douglas Dam and Reservoir | Tennessee River Valley

7. TN Tailwater Generation - Foscoe Fishing Company

  • ... Douglas, Fontana, Nottely, Hiwassee, Norris, South Holston, and Watauga. Please note! Water release schedules often change without notice due to ...

  • In May 2004, the TVA Board of Directors approved a new policy that regulates the operations of the Tennessee River and reservoir system.  In this new policy, there are specifications for the flow requirements no only for individual reservoirs, but the system as a whole.  These requirements will help keep the riverbed below the reservoir dam from drying out.  These system wide requirements will ensure that enough water will flow through the river system to meed downstream needs.

8. How the Annual Drawdown Cycle Works - Douglas Lake

  • To make room for this water, the reservoirs are typically emptied to 3/4 of thier depth by January 1st of each year. Thats why levels of tributary reservoirs ...

  • DouglasLakeInfo.Com - Douglas lake history and information about Douglas lake and Douglas lake dam and reservoir

9. Hydrograph - National Weather Service - Water

  • 2 nov 2020 · NOTE: Forecasts for the French Broad River above Douglas Dam are issued routinely year-round. ... Water Release Schedule of TVA Dams · Snow ...

  • National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS)

10. Douglas Lake – The online guide to Douglas Lake, Tennessee

  • Created by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in 1943 for the generation ... Douglas Dam controls the lake's water levels. The dam provides hydroelectric power ...

  • Welcome to the best lake in Tennessee

11. Douglas Lake Water Level

  • The Douglas Lake water level on / is or -990.00 off full pool. Check this page for the detailed graph and reservoir storage.

  • The Douglas Lake water level on / is or -990.00 off full pool. Check this page for the detailed graph and reservoir storage.

12. Douglas Lake - Visit Knoxville

  • ... Douglas Lake Dam: Douglas Impounds: French Broad River Release Schedule: TVA - Douglas Dam Phone: 865-632-2264 Fishing Reports: Douglas Lake Map: TWRA Map ...

  • Set against the backdrop of the foothills of the Smoky Mountain, Douglas Lake is a popular recreation destination for paddlers, anglers and campers. The dam that controls the reservoir was built in 1942, stretches 202 feet high and 1,705 feet across the French Broad River. Douglas Lake provides 513 miles of shoreline and 28,420 acres of water surface for recreation activities. In a year with normal rainfall, the water level in Douglas Reservoir varies about 44 feet from summer to winter. Although most of the shoreline along the 43 mile-long lake is private, TVA provides two campgrounds near the dam that offer access to the lake. Amenities include restrooms with showers, picnic areas with tables, a boat ramp and a swimming beach. Birdwatching: From late July to early October, birdwatchers will witness the fall migration of shore birds, wading birds, and other waterfowl that flock to Douglas Lake. The birds rest and feed on the muddy shoreline and in areas of shallow water exposed as the level of the reservoir is lowered to winter flood control levels. Fishing: Nourished by three rivers, Douglas Lake has become the premier crappie lake in East Tennessee. Other good fishing includes: white bass, sauger, black crappie, striped bass, spotted bass, walleye, blue cat, flat head catfish, channel catfish, red horse, red breast sunfish and bluegill. Fishing is a year round sport at Douglas although spring and fall are the preferred seasons. From November to May, the wide shallow embayment, fertile creek hollows and stump beds, attract the crappie in huge numbers during the spring spawning season making crappie fishing excellent! Spring is the best time for bass fishing but you'll find there's good stock year-round. Trails: If you want to add a hiking adventure to your time at the lake, the trailhead to the Trotter Bluff Small Wild Area is adjacent to the Douglas Dam Headwater Campground. Hike the almost 2 miles of trail that winds through 30 acres of hardwood forest and limestone sinkholes to an overlook of the lake's tail waters. Springtime hikes are enhanced with colorful wildflowers that dot the landscape.The Dandridge Partnership Trail is a 1.2 mile out-and back that winds through wooded terrain. Douglas Lake Dam: Douglas Impounds: French Broad River Release Schedule: TVA - Douglas Dam Phone: 865-632-2264 Fishing Reports: Douglas Lake Map: TWRA Map Access Points: Douglas Dam Access Camping: TVA Campgrounds

13. 5 Interesting Facts About Douglas Lake to Know Before You Go

  • 16 mei 2018 · When there is a storm, TVA holds the water back by reducing releases from the dam, and when the rain stops, TVA gradually lets the water out to ...

  • Learn some of the interesting facts about Douglas Lake before you visit, such as it is a flood storage reservoir.

14. The Building of the Dams - Visit Jefferson County Tennessee

  • 23 jun 2020 · Get the latest information on the dam release schedule here and additional information can be gathered by calling 423-587-7037. DOUGLAS DAM.

  • by Department of Tourism Team Member | Jun 23, 2020 | Fishing, Lakeside Events, Things To Do

15. Douglas Dam, Tennessee. Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). Laying track

  • Dates. 1942. Location. Douglas Dam · Sevier County · Tennessee · United States. Language. English. Subject. Douglas Dam · Safety Film Negatives · Sevier County ...

  • 1 negative : safety ; 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 inches or smaller.

16. Douglas Reservoir in Tennessee | Bank and Boat Fishing Opportunities

  • Douglas is a fertile, Tennessee Valley Authority reservoir with 555-miles of shoreline and a total surface area of 30600-acres.

  • Douglas is a fertile, Tennessee Valley Authority reservoir with 555-miles of shoreline and a total surface area of 30,600-acres.

17. Lake Douglas | Lake Details -

  • Florida also has mercury impairment statewide, its largest source being atmospheric deposition from local and global power generation. ... Calendar of Events ...

  • Lake Douglas, covering 27 acres, is a Private lake situated in Groveland in Lake County, with the associated WBID(s): 2874.

18. Best Ways to Play at Douglas Lake - Volunteer Cabin Rentals

  • ... Douglas Dam and Douglas Lake is our much beloved result, which spills downstream into the French Broad River. The lake is used to control water flow, and is ...

  • Posted by Jon Hoffman in Smoky Mountains

19. Douglaston Salmon Run - World-Class Salmon Fishing

  • Release Schedule · Property Map · Our Policies · Area Attractions · Gift Certificates ... 500 CFS Dam Release. Clouds. 28° / Clouds. Sunset 4:43pm. Clouds. 717 ...

  • With over two miles of riverfront and 7 overnight lodges, Douglaston Salmon Run is your premier destination for sport fishing in New York.


  • DRAWDOWN INFORMATIONAL RELEASE 2023 · Maintenance and Inspection Advisory · Maintenance And Dam Inspection At Whitin Reservoir Dam Update. IMG_0566; IMG_1194 ...


21. Weekly trout stocking schedule | Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

  • Each year ODFW stocks millions of trout in dozens of reservoirs, lakes and ponds across the state. Finding these locations... Fishing Fourmile Lake. How to fish ...

  • Each year, ODFW stocks millions of trout in dozens of reservoirs, lakes and ponds throughout the state. You can use the search and filter functions to search the stocking schedule for specific locations and dates. The schedule is subject to change without notice; see individual waterbody listings in the Recreation Report for updates.

Douglas Dam Release Schedule (2024)
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