Blox Fruits: How to Store Fruits in 1st Sea (2023)

As a pirate in Blox Fruits, you’re able to capture fruits by beating NPCs or buying them directly from the Fruit Dealer. However, storing them can be quite tricky.

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If you’re wondering if there’s a way to store fruits in the 1st Sea, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

How to Store Fruits in 1st Sea

Fruits in Blox Fruits (Roblox) give players special skills. In some cases, they can transform you into a dragon or give you traits such as bomb-throwing. While playing Blox Fruits, you’ll stumble upon various kinds of fruit. However, you can use only one at a time. Luckily, there is a way to store fruits.

First things first, you’ll need to locate the so-called Treasure Inventory. This chest is a special item that enables you to store Blox Fruits. Also, you’ll be able to store Game Passes. On the other hand, your regular inventory box doesn’t possess this function.

Currently, there are only two Treasure Inventories in Blox Fruits. Unfortunately, there isn’t one in the 1st Sea.

How to Store Fruits in 2nd Sea

First of all, you’ll have to find your way to the Café near the Inventory in the Second Sea. Once you reach it, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the Menu by clicking on it.
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  2. Double-click the fruit to add it there.
    Blox Fruits: How to Store Fruits in 1st Sea (3)
  3. Make sure that the fruit got transferred from the CURRENT to the STORED section.
    Blox Fruits: How to Store Fruits in 1st Sea (4)
  4. Once you’re done, click on “Exit.”
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How to Store Fruits in 3rd Sea

You’ll find the second Treasure Inventory at the Floating Turtle Island in the Third Sea. There should be a Mansion that has a Treasure Inventory. It will be easy to spot. Due to their white pattern, Treasure Inventories look different to their normal counterparts.

  1. Click on the Menu to open it.
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  2. Double-click the fruit to add it there.
    Blox Fruits: How to Store Fruits in 1st Sea (7)
  3. Make sure that the fruit got transferred from the CURRENT to the STORED section.
    Blox Fruits: How to Store Fruits in 1st Sea (8)
  4. When you’re done, click “Exit.”
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How Does Treasure Inventory Work?

Keep in mind that once you store a fruit, you can’t drop it, as some players like to point out. But you’ll still have the opportunity to trade them with other players, or use them. Also, you’re able to store one of each type of Blox Fruit. On the other hand, nothing is stopping you from storing as many Game Passes as you want.

Here’s a suggestion: place your spawn point next to one of the aforementioned locations. You’ll guarantee yourself easy access to one or the other Treasure Inventory.

How to Unstore Fruits in Blox Fruits

The whole thing about not being able to unstore or drop your stored fruit isn’t strictly true. You can actually unstore your fruits in the Second and Third Sea, but not in the First Sea. As you might know, you can’t access the Second Sea before you reach level 700 in the First Sea. Also, you’d have to complete the military detective’s quest at Prison.

Players who haven’t completed these requirements can’t unstore fruits. That’s exactly why many of them thought unstoring fruit is an impossible quest.

What Are Demon Fruits in Blox Fruits?

Demon Fruits are special items in Blox Fruits. These fruits are special since they give players supernatural powers. You can find them under trees and pick them up. Alternatively, you can obtain them by visiting the Demon Fruit Dealer. You can also buy them using Robux or money.

Additionally, players themselves can drop fruits that haven’t been eaten yet. Do so by pressing backspace (PC) or by typing /dropfruit in the chat (Mobile). Once you consume a Demon Fruit, landing/jumping over water will result in you absorbing damage until your character dies.

What Are the Best Demon Fruits in Blox Fruits?

There isn’t a single “best” Demon Fruit in the game. Each comes with its pluses and minuses. It all depends as each player has their own style. Some like the Devil Fruits that give them mobility (Gum-Gum Fruit), while others prefer offensive powers (Dark-Dark Fruit).

What Are the Benefits of Playing Roblox for Kids?

Here are some reasons why so many kids enjoy playing Roblox and collecting Blox Fruits:

  • A sense of community Roblox promotes a sense of community and friendship among players. Since they’re able to interact with each other on the platform, players can bond regardless of age group, race, background, nationality, etc. Also, Roblox hosts events that many players can enjoy together (for example: the Easter Egg Hunt).
  • Recognition for the stuff they do – In various games across the Roblox platform, players are given rewards for participation. It’s not all about winning. This helps boost self-confidence in many youngsters.
  • Roblox is F2P (free to play) – Anyone with a computer and a stable internet connection can play Roblox. The platform doesn’t require a subscription. While some games do require you to pay, most basic versions are free.
  • Roblox games encourage thinking out of the box – Many games within the Roblox universe demand some lateral and critical thinking. Also, they might require (and promote) some good problem-solving and general life skills. Another thing: games are replayable. Therefore, you can judge the outcome of your choices to see what kind of action brings the best consequences.
  • Learning through free resources – Users can access guided tutorials or lessons to improve their skills. Additionally, Roblox promotes online safety while providing opportunities for its users to experiment with coding and design. The platform encourages interest in STEM subjects, and it even offers free courseware that can you can use in educational settings.
  • Roblox games teach planning and patience – Nowadays, it’s all about getting what you want whenever you want (right away). However, building a game on Roblox teaches kids patience and careful planning. Also, there’s another cool thing: you get to hear feedback from others. That’s a highly-valuable skill that will help your kids succeed once they’re all grown up and serious.
  • Cross-platform gaming – One of the coolest things about the Roblox platform is that you’re able to play it on all kinds of different devices. Whether you’re using a PC, an iPhone, or even an Amazon device, you’ll be good-to-go. Also, these are great news for people who don’t have the budget to buy themselves high-end gaming systems.


Where and how do you start playing Blox Fruits?

To begin your Blox Fruits adventure, create a Roblox account. Once you’ve done so, browse the games section for Blox Fruits. Afterward, join a server. You’ll be able to create a custom character or choose a pre-made one.

Can I play Blox Fruits with my friends?

Of course, you can. Blox Fruits is a so-called multiplayer game. You can team up with your friends who love Roblox and explore the open world together. Also, you can join or make your crew in your quest for battles and treasure.

Are there any codes players can use to get rewards in Blox Fruits?

Occasionally, there are codes that players can utilize to obtain in-game rewards. These rewards usually take the form of gold or the abovementioned Devil Fruits. You can find these codes posted on the official Blox Fruits social media accounts (stay updated).

How can I get fruits in Blox Fruits?

You can obtain fruits by finding them scattered in various places throughout the islands, buying them from the fruit dealer, or participating in events.

How do you level up in Blox Fruits?

A Blox Fruits player will level up by defeating various enemies and finishing quests. Every time they get enough experience points (exp), they’ll level up and advance. Besides experience and skills, you’ll need some top-quality weapons and equipment to help you overcome various in-game challenges.

Can you trade items with other players in Blox Fruits?

Yes, you’re able to trade items with your fellow players. You can do so by using the game’s trading system. Also, make sure that the players you’re trading with are people you trust. There are various scammers out there, so pay close attention.

How do you join a crew in Blox Fruits?

To join a particular crew in Blox Fruits, you’ll have to find one that’s currently recruiting. Alternatively, you can make your own and recruit others. Being a part of the crew is the best way to enjoy this game.

Storing Fruits and Other Valuable Information

Blox Fruits is one of the most popular Roblox games out there. It values creativity over anything else and isn’t that hard to play. If you’ve got kids, they’re sure to love it. Blox Fruits will help them make many friends and nurture a sense of community. Also, the game is completely free to play.

Do you have any experience playing Blox Fruits? Have you ever stored Blox Fruits? Let us know in the comments section below.

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