Best Pokémon Fire Red Cheats and How to Use Them (2024)

The typical Pokémon journey is familiar to fans the world over. That’s especially the case with Fire Red, a remake of the classic Red Version. Devotees have doubtless experienced this quest before. They may not want to deal with the same difficulties the second time around. Thankfully, they have a way around that.

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Pokémon Fire Red sports several cheat codes, for those with the right hardware to use them. These workarounds help streamline the process, paving an easy road to becoming a Pokémon Master. Some might argue that defeats the purpose. After all, what’s the point of playing the game if there’s no challenge? Well, players sometimes want to feel like gods in the gaming world. These cheats can help them do just that.

How to Enter the Codes

The specific methods for these cheats vary slightly, but they all involve third-party tech. Namely, they function through a Gameshark or Action Replay. For those playing on the original Game Boy Advance, simply plug the device into the system and input the corresponding codes.

All Master balls

Code: 82025840 0001

Unlike regular Poké Balls, the Master Ball can catch anything in a single attempt. With such a valuable perk, it’s no wonder why you only get one. The rest of the time, players must stock up on Poké Balls and rely on chance to catch their desired pocket monsters. This code alleviates that hurdle.

As the name suggests, this grants a lifetime supply of Master Balls. Thus, it eliminates any difficulty in catching Pokémon. If players see a creature they like, they don’t have to go through the hassle of wearing it down and hoping for the best. Instead, they can instantly acquire it.

That’s particularly enticing for Legendary Pokémon. These guys usually appear once and immediately run away. A Master Ball wrangles these unruly creatures before they escape. Never again will fans lose out on their most coveted Pokémon.

TM/HM Modifier

Code: 82025840

Fire Red has a ton of Pokémon moves. Many of them are teachable through items. In some cases, players actually need to do this to bypass obstacles. For instance, they might need the Cut ability to clear a tree blocking the path, or they could require Surf to swim across bodies of water. This is a royal pain, but one code makes that pain a thing of the past.

This cheat lets players attain any TM or HM. If they need a specific ability, they don’t have to search for the right item. This ease of teaching can overcome any obstacle, allowing for unbridled exploration. Granted, it calls for an extra step.

After inputting the code, fans must then enter the TM or HM number. That’s perfectly doable via a quick internet search. True, it’s annoying to look up these numbers, but it’s a small price for such widespread convenience.

Catch Opponents’ Pokémon

Code: 4D83B1BF E0F5F507 8E883EFF 92E9660D B6C5368A 08BE8FF4 90B4977C C0151DC2

Sometimes, trainers have all the coolest Pokémon. For obvious reasons, catching them isn’t allowed. What if that wasn’t the case?

This code lets fans nab other people’s Pokémon in the midst of battle. That trick does wonders for any avid collector or trainer. On one hand, it means instant gratification for a desired monster. Players no longer need to search for hours in the wild. In addition, they don’t have to grind for high-level or evolved forms. These unsuspecting opponents serve up their best Pokémon on a silver platter. Just make sure to push the L and R buttons before throwing the Poké Ball.

All Badges

Code: EFCE867D 5403D40D

Once again, this cheat comes with another step. After entering the code, users should get into a battle, enter a building, and check their trainer card. That may seem clunky and complicated, but it’s well worth the effort.

The cheat instantly gives players all eight badges from the various Pokémon Gyms. There are two advantages to this approach. First, it allows free reign of the entire Kanto region without the long process of beating the Gym Leaders. Fans can go anywhere and do anything they want. They can even challenge the Elite Four right after leaving Pallet Town. Of course, navigation isn’t the only use for Gym badges. They also have a practical purpose.

Basically, the number of badges determines how well players control their Pokémon. Higher-level monsters only heed experienced trainers. The more badges, the greater the experience. Thus, having all eight badges guarantees obedience. That helps when acquiring secondhand Pokémon. Fans may get a powerful Charizard from a trade (or the aforementioned trainer theft), but the fiery creature won’t listen to them without plenty of badges. Because of that, the code is invaluable to any would-be cheaters.

Such tricks practically break the Fire Red game in half. That’s the whole point, and players can’t complain. Utilizing these cheats, they create a Pokémon journey on their own terms.

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Best Pokémon Fire Red Cheats and How to Use Them (2024)
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