96 bedroom ideas from the world's best interior designers (2024)

Whatever style of house you live in – be it a country house or a tiny flat – the archive is your one-stop-shop for bedroom ideas from the world's best interior designers.

How to decorate a bedroom

The scheme for a bedroom should be something that you find relaxing and cosy, although a quick look through our gallery of ideas suggests that there are plenty of ways to interpret that. Pale paint colours and understated patterns certainly have their moment, but spare rooms are often a great place to run riot with colour and pattern, perhaps in the form of a bedroom wallpaper, since they're unlikely to be occupied every day. Make sure the bones of the room work for how you use the room. If space and budget allow, some built-in joinery can make all the difference for storage, and give the room a more seamless feel than if it's stuffed with furniture.

Window treatments are hugely important in a bedroom; some people prefer that not a chink of light can get in, while others like to wake up with the daylight. Long, luxurious curtains are beautiful in a bedroom, in a thick material that will feel cosy in winter, perhaps with sheer blinds behind to let the light in during the daytime. There are plenty of readymade curtains out there if you're on a budget, and blinds alone can also be a cost-effective way to dress your windows. Having a blackout blind made in a fabric of your choice does not have to cost the earth.

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Buying bedroom furniture

The bed is obviously the most important feature in the room, and there's a huge variety to choose from. Perhaps you'd go down the traditional route with a box spring, prettily finished with a valance, and accompanied by a headboard upholstered in a beautiful fabric. For a more contemporary look, a wooden bed frame can be a stylish option, harking back to or mid-century design. These also take up less visual space in the room. We're also huge fans of four-poster beds, which can work well in both traditional and modern interiors. "If I have a small room, I try and overscale the furniture," says renowned hotel designer Olga Polizzi. "Putting itsy-bitsy furniture in just makes it feel smaller." Many of the interior designers on our pages agree, and we've seen brilliant examples of imposing four-poster beds used successfully in very small rooms. And above all else, don't skimp when choosing a mattress. You may be sleeping on it for many years to come, so make sure you get it right!

Beyond the bed, you'll obviously want to think about bedside tables, preferably something big enough for a lamp, a book, and a glass of water. In a very small bedroom, we've seen interior designers build nooks into the wall or into built-in wardrobes either side of the bed, a neat solution we adore. And speaking of wardrobes, clothes storage is an essential. Hanging rails can be a great alternative to bulky wardrobes if you're short on space. If you have some space to play with, it's always rather civilised to have a dressing table where you can get ready in the morning and prepare for bed in the evening. And last but not least, a smart little armchair in the corner of the room is always lovely when you need somewhere to sit and put your shoes on - although it inevitably gets covered in yesterday's clothes.

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Choosing bedding for your bedroom

Rita Konig knows how to make a beautiful bed, and emphasises the importance of what's on it. "Beds – and bed linen – really make bedrooms. It is not unusual for people to skimp on the linens – if not financially, then mentally, when coming up with the design for the room. All-white sheets and a duvet create a colossus of white in the centre of the room that can detract from the rest of the space. The bed linen, quilts, blankets and eiderdowns you choose make a huge difference to the room, how it looks and how inviting it is to you and/or your guests." If you do love crisp white bedding, consider adding a patterned blanket at the bottom of the bed to brighten things up. We're also big fans of relaxed coloured linen, pretty pillowcases (or even silk pillowcases) and some patterned bedding from time to time.

96 bedroom ideas from the world's best interior designers (2024)


How to decorate your bedroom? ›

No judgment from me, I just want to help as much as I can!
  1. Buy a Large Rug. Our Main Bedroom Reveal. ...
  2. Buy the Correct Sized Nightstand. ...
  3. Incorporate a Bench. ...
  4. Don't Overclutter the Room. ...
  5. Don't Choose All Matching Furniture. ...
  6. Don't Overfill with Large Furniture. ...
  7. Don't Forget Scale with Lighting. ...
  8. Bedroom Decorating – Save vs.
Mar 18, 2022

What makes a room look luxury? ›

A luxury living room combines custom finishes, furniture, lighting, and decor to create an elevated and comfortable look and feel. Defined by an attention to quality, detail, and refinement, these polished spaces can encompass a range of color schemes and design styles.

How big should a luxury bedroom be? ›

What You Need to Know About “Average” Master Bedroom Size
Home TypeAverage Master Bedroom Size (sq ft)Average Master Bedroom Size (ft x ft)
Standard200 – 35014×14 to 18×20 with 14×16 being the average
Small Homes~20014×14
Large Homes>35020×20 or larger
Luxury Homes400 – 600+20×20 to 25×25 or larger

What is a big master bedroom size? ›

Master bedrooms are considered large when they are about 300 to 350 square feet (28 to 33 square meters). The sides of the room have to be between 16 and 20 square feet (5 and 6 meter).

How big should a big bedroom be? ›

Dimensions for Master Bedrooms

The “perfect” size of a master bedroom should be dimensions that provide from 200 to 250 square feet. As a rule of thumb, this perfect size should accommodate a King sized bed, as well as some additional seating furniture.

How can I decorate my bedroom like a professional? ›

There's an order to decorating a space. Designers share their 9 steps.
  1. 1Identify your decorating hero.
  2. 2Pick a general color — not a specific one.
  3. 3Make a space plan.
  4. 4Bring in major impact items.
  5. 5Focus on the rug.
  6. 6Be intentional with art.
  7. 7Paint your walls.
  8. 8Add accessories.
Aug 9, 2023

What is the best bed for a small room? ›

Murphy Beds

This not only offers extra storage but also creates more floor space so even tiny rooms feel spacious. Perfect for home offices that double as guest rooms, open-concept living spaces, and children's rooms, the Murphy bed offers versatility that is vital for small spaces.

How do you add elegance to a room? ›

Choose a neutral color palette with pops of bold colors for accents. Natural Materials: Incorporate natural materials such as wood, stone, and rattan into your decor. These materials add warmth and texture to modern spaces and create a harmonious connection with.

How can I arrange my bedroom beautifully? ›

Add Some Extra Furniture

"I love a bench or some sort of seating at the foot of the bed with a rug underneath the bed to ground the space," Lehman shares. "If space allows, I also like to have a comfy/cozy reading nook or a separate table for journaling, having coffee, or an extra workspace."

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