8 Side-Hustles to Start From Home And Earn $2,000 Every Month (2023)

So, you don’t wish to leave your9–5job, although you hate it, but it pays the bills and buys you groceries. This should not limit you from earning some extra money from home.

If you are confused about which side hustle to choose, this blog will clear your doubts.

Below are some side hustles I’ve used several times when I was in a financial crisis. And the best part is, you can start them from home.


You can easily make $15 — $25 in an hour.

If you can listenpatiently and type fast, then go for this side hustle.

You can easily find jobs onTranscribeMe,Quicktate, andTranscribe Anywhere.

2.Become a virtual assistant

You can easily make $60 an hour with this.

The services include scheduling meetings, research, doing paperwork, and hotel accommodation & flight booking.

Websites likeCloudPeepsandUpworkis a great places to begin your virtual assistant work.

Another option is to pitch business owners directly via email or social media platforms and know the importance of virtual assistants.


Are you a grammar nazi?

Put that into good use and earn $17 per hour from proofreading. Check spelling, grammar, and correct sentence structuring.

Use websites like Fiverr or Upwork to get work and earn earnings from today.

4.Freelance writing

If your writing is good, you can do freelance writing and earn some good money out of it.

You can even get gigs on Fiverr, Upwork and if you enroll in Medium Partner Program (MPP), you can earn from that.

You can get clients from Facebook groups or even use LinkedIn to get clients:

7 Ways Writers Can Get Their First Client From LinkedIn

5. Personal training

Do you have a wealth of knowledge about fitness and nutrition?Become a fitness trainer and earn $70 per hour by teaching your clients on Zoom/Skype.

6.Teach a skill

Do you have a degree in finance? How about computers?

Launch a courseonUdemy, make a YouTube channel and teach your skills to people.

7.Sell your craft

Doyou have a hobby? Turn that into dollars.

Do you know sewing, can make pottery or paint?

Sell your craft onEtsyor Instagram and earn right from the comfort of your home.

8. Blogging

If you invest time in building a website or writing blogs, you can cash them out with Google Adsense ads. Or you can charge companies for affiliate blogs or charge brands for placing their ads on your website.

The thing with blogging is that the more value you put on the readers, the more you’ll earn.

COVID-19 has changed the way we work and live our lives.Apart from a full-time job, people are now looking for side hustles. This is the perfect time to begin a side hustle andconvert it into a full-time job. Don’t wait for the perfect time. Try 1–2 side gigs and go for whatever works for you.

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